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DVD Pick: Children of Men

The Human Project Lives

Actually this is a movie pick – it is currently on a loop on cable television. But I recommend a DVD purchase for posterity.


Admittedly the movie that I was anticipating view when I saw it in January is not the film I experience after I left the theater nearly two hours later.

Initially I sat there flummoxed at all the images was flashing across the screen. Literally there is a lot to take in … your visuals are assailed (and assaulted) from the very beginning.

At the conclusion of my first viewing, I was aware that I had not seen a bad film but had been witness to something different than I had experienced in quite some time. It was only after my recent second viewing that I felt comfortable giving my opinion and (a minimal degree of) insight into what my cinematic experience was.

Visually it is a remarkable film – a certain credit to the fine cinematography (thank goodness Mr. Emmanuel Lubezki received an Oscar nomination for his efforts).

Also great credit goes to the director, Alfonso Cuaron, who has helmed pictures such as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (my personal favorite book AND film of the series) and Y Tu Mama Tambien, a film that I must admittedly go back and re-watch because frankly, I was left scratching my head on that one too.

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Great Movie Resources

I have decided as my first post to provide a link of some of the internet sites I found to be the most helpful and useful in my expolration of all things cinematic (in no particular order).

Film Reviews: – a great site for concensus film reviews – Mark Kermode film reviews from BBC Radio

Movie Databases: – the old standby – an excellent guide to the entire world of cinema. I used to receive the catalog – made for great reading; items also availabel for purhcase – the source for “important” classic and contemporary cinema from all over the world

Films on Television: – 24/7 classic films and specials, all commerical-free

What’s Playing Now: – where I go to purchase my movie tix

Film Societies, Institutions, Installations and in Academia: – The Film Society of Lincoln Center – American Film Institute – British Film Institute – their publications and books are amazing – Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) film Collection – Film Quarterly Magazine – National Film Preservation Board; also the location of the Film Registry for films to be forever preserved

As I continue to recall more sites that I visit, I will post them to the blog roll. Enjoy!