Double Feature Theatre

Oh well I am not getting off to a good start with this blog-a-thon:  I am a day late!

The idea of the blog is simple – imagine you are in charge of programming movies to be seen in the cinema. Thanks to the folks at Go-See-Talk for getting a bunch of us together to share with you what we have all come up with. Anyway without further ado …

Office Space and 9 to 5



Tell No One and Swimming Pool


Penny Serenade and The Best Years of Our Lives



The Bank Job and The Inside Man



Sullivan’s Travels and Thelma and Louise



All that Heaven Allows and Summertime



The Devil and Daniel Webster (a.k.a. All that Money Can Buy), Angel on My Shoulder and Angel Heart



  1. Nice! I especially like the Show me the money bit, The Bank Job was really underrated IMO as good as the American Inside Job. Although very similar, both work extremely well.

    Tell no one is really great too, Swimmin Pool isn’t really my cuppa. Other than that, great picks!

    • @Anna Swimming Pool can easily be replaced by Cache. But I have not caught the final few minutes of that one.
      I am a bit gutted that The Bank Job is so underrated. It is a really solid film.

  2. Jack Deth says:

    Hi, iluv and company:

    Great topic and thread idea, iluv!

    Your Monday choices says it all. Two memorable flicks loaded with great gags and better lines. Though I lean more towards ‘Office Space’ when it comes to life in Cubicle Hive H*ll and being saddled with a silly boss.

    ‘The Bank Job’ is an excellent choice for a Thursday heist flick. I’d like to see ‘The Anderson Tapes’ from 1971. Where ex-con Sean Connery assembles a crew, including a young Chis Walken to rob an entire high rise office building under the noses of Feds and local cops.

    My ‘Deals with the Devil Triple Feature’ would veer more towards ‘Sweet Smell Of Success’ than ‘Angel Heart’.

  3. Great list, I love that you have avoided a lot of obvious choices. Another suggestion for an alternative Tuesday film, Anything for Her is a perfect partner for Tell No One. Not only are they both French but they are already thematically similar, ordinary people are driven to extraordinary lengths to help the person they love.

  4. You’ve got my ticket money on Monday, Tues and Thursday for sure:)

    Also really nice touch with the Sunday selections, not your typical Devil-relate flicks so points for thinking outside the box…going to check them out myself actually. Thanks for being part of this!

    • Thanks Marc.

      I have a couple of other films that I have been told would work as a great double feature. I could not of course include them on the list as I have not seen either in their entirety …


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