My Ten Favourite Firsts

Thanks to Anna at, here is another film questionnaire. I was not sure that I would be able to get to this so soon, but a sleepless night and some time on my hands has afforded me this opportunity. Hope you enjoy!

My Favourite Directorial Debut

The Night of the Hunter, Charles Laughton

Sadly his first and only directorial outing


My Favourite Acting Debut

Kate Winslet in Heavenly Creatures


The First Movie Theatre Experience That Moved Me

The Color Purple


The First Film Character I Had the Hots For

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars


The First Film Character That Annoyed The Hell Out Of Me

Crumb (Jabba’s annoying laughing sidekick), Return of the Jedi


The First French Film I Saw

The Red Balloon


The First Asian Film I Saw

I think it was The King of Masks


The First Movie Poster on my Wall

Rebel Without a Cause


The First Time I Thought The Film Was Better Than The Book

Not sure I have had this experience yet; the imagination is such a powerful thing.


The First Time I Realized Robert De Niro is a Genius

Midnight Run

Well that’s me. Let me know what you think? How about you?


  1. Hey, super nice list! I see you’re in the Luke camp. I had no idea people would want to do this, great! :- )

  2. Jack Deth says:

    Hi, iluv and company:


    Outstanding questionnaire and thread. Kudos to you and Anna 5plitreel.

    Charles Laughton knocked it out of the park with ‘Night Of The Hunter’. Shades of Hitchcock with a creepily intimidating Robert Mitchum. never understood why Laughton never got behind the camera again.

    I’d go with Christopher Walken’s debut as the kind of psychotic ‘Kid’ who you knew was going to die before the end of ‘The Anderson Tapes. A once in a lifetime small role that Walken made much larger and memorable opposite heist master, Sean Connery and Dyan Cannon.

    First film that moved me: Kubrick’s ‘Dr. Strangelove…’. The ultimate ‘Black Comedy’ that mixed Mutual Assured Destruction with over the top slapstick, pratfall comedy. Who knew George C. Scott could do comedy?
    Seen at the impressionable age of ten.

    First character I had the Hots for: Ursula Andress as Honey Rider in ‘Dr. No’. Consistently exuding sexuality. First and best ‘Bond Girl’. One of the five great entrances in film.

    First Annoying Character: Veruca Salt from ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’. A memorable young lady who turned whiny, never being satisfied into an art form.

    First Movie Poster: ‘The Endless Summer’ from 1966. Possibly the best film about surfing ever made. Even if it is a documentary. Very simplistic poster.

    De Niro is a Genius: De Niro’s Johnny Boy in Scorsese’s ‘Mean Streets’. I never knew what was going on in De Niro’s head, but it was well worth the cost of my undivided attention.

  3. We have the same answers for two of these things, especially the Charles Laughton answer. If he was alive now, he’d be getting calls to direct every minute.

    I might do this but I’ll have to change the questions.

  4. Couldn’t agree more on De Niro’s performance in Midnight Run its comedy brilliance.

    • @Joel
      I have not seen King of Comedy (for shame!) but I am sure that would have done it for me. But I just love Midnight Run. It is a twisted road movie that you would have seen in the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 40s.

  5. This is a great post! I may have to do my own response to this…

  6. This is a great idea, I might try to do that too. Now, as for the last one, can we substitute that with a different actor??

  7. As per the De Niro section: Yes Midnight Run is a great (and sadly underappreciated) film and De Niro is great in it of course, but I think at least one of (if not all) Hi Mom, Mean Streets, Godfather Pt II, Taxi Driver, 1900, New York New York, The Deer Hunter, Raging Bull, King of Comedy, Once Upon A Time in America, Brazil, Angel Heart or The Untouchables would have done that to me before Midnight Run ever came around.

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