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Check out this trailer:

Personally, I am a quite intrigued. While I am a fan of many works of Shakespeare, I do not proclaim to be a Shakespearean expert. The scholastic merit of the argument posited in the movie is something that I am only vaguely familiar with – in so much as I have read theories concerning the authentic authorship of Shakespeare’s work.

As for the specific structure of the plot, I defer to the film’s official site. For those in a non-navgating mood, here is an amended version of the plot, as summed up by Wikipedia:

In Elizabethan England, political intrigue abounds between the Tudors and the Cecils for the successor to Queen Elizabeth I (portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave). The film, Anonymous, follows the involvement of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (Rhys Ifans), as not only the incestuous lover of Queen Elizabeth, but also as the true author of the works of William Shakespeare (Rafe Spall).

As you can see, this film features a stellar cast. Rhys Ifans is almost unrecognizable in this trailer.

At the head of this project is Roland Emmerich, who is more recognized for big-budget summer films such as Independence Day, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. So it will be interesting to see what he is able to achieve with a story that does not require booms and crashes to keep its audience engaged.

Tell me what you think about this film? Are you a Shakespeare fan?

Anonymous comes to theaters on October 28th.


  1. It’s mind-boggling that Roland Emmerich, the director of ID4 of all things, are doing a Shakespearean film! I’m no Shakespeare expert either though I find it kind of ludicrous that he didn’t actually write all the stuff he did, I mean, how did he manage to pull that off?? I might rent this one but I don’t think I’ll be seeing this on the big screen.

    • Ruth: I can see where you are coming from.

      The whole Shakespeare hoax thing is something that people sitting in hundreds of years old universities have come up with over the years.
      In fact, there is at least one documentary that I have attempted to watch that postulates this theory.

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