Lots of Stuff Going on at TCM

As I do at the beginning of each month, I took a visit over to TCM’s movie site to see what is going to be featured this month on the channel. Cannot say that I should be too surprised but this month has a great deal on offer on TCM.com as well as the television channel! Here are just a couple of highlights:

Scorcese Presents: A new column to the site and the monthly Now Playing guide will feature the award-winning director will provide insights on the people of classic cinema.

Classic Horror: Monday nights will be dedicated to classic horror. My recommendations: Freaks, Dead of Night, The Uninvited, The Innocents, Night of the Living Dead, Curse of the Cat People. I am personally looking forward to catching Carnival of Souls and Repulsion.

Star of the Month: A regular feature; this month TCM will highlight the films of  Buster Keaton, silent film star.

Tuesdays in October with maverick director Nicholas Ray: In honor of the auteur’s 100th birthday, the evening slot on Tuesday nights is dedicated to a host of his films. My personal faves of the lot are They Live by Night (1949), In a Lonely Place (1950) and On Dangerous Ground (1951).  Lest we forget the seminal teen-angst drama Rebel Without a Cause (1955) with James Dean and Johnny Guitar (1954) with Joan Crawford.

The Essentials – this months schedule has some great titles including Ball of Fire, An American in Paris and Cat People. I am looking forward to seeing The Bicycle Thief.

I know that some of you out there are not huge classic cinema fans, but let this month be the time you change all of that.

Hopefully these highlights will provide you with a wonderful entree into this world!

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  1. TCM rules!

  2. You said it Castor!

  3. Jack Deth says:

    Hi, iluv and company:

    Thanksgiving and Christmas comes early. Courtesy of TCM!

    Anxiously waiting for my two favorite 1950s ‘Red Scare’ Sci-Fi films tonight. ‘The Thing From Another World’ and ‘It! The Terror From Beyond Space’.

    A splendid evening to be savored after a double dose of Nicholas Ray’s ‘Knock On Any Door’ and ‘In A Lonely Place’ last night. Looking forward to Ray’s ‘Bigger Than Life’ in two weeks.

    Wonderful topic, iluv!

  4. I love CAT PEOPLE and THE UNINVITED, two of my favorites. I own a copy of THE UNINVITED (Or I will, soon as it arrives in the mail. I finally broke down an bought a copy.)

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