Quick Monday Morning Fix

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a glorious weekend.

Just thought I would jolt your brain with a little Monday morning ‘pick me up’ – by way of a Forum post I saw on Total Film magazine’s website.

The question asked is Have you ever walked out of a movie? It is a tried and true question to ask any cinema-goer and is sure to elicit a wonderful and varied response.

I will get the ball rolling with my response: I have actually not walked out of a film – ever. Although there was that coulda-shoulda-woulda moment with Armageddon. About 10-15 minutes in I just about gave up the will to live (okay that is a massive exaggeration).  A combination of confusion over Bruce Willis’ accent, overuse of the sweeping shot and a general lack of interest in the characters left me with a desire to call time on this movie. But due in large part to the fact that I was responsible for a group of summer campers, I had to soldier on and sit through the film. I think I amused myself by dozing off a few times.

Enough about me, how about you? This should get the old gray matter going!


  1. No I have never walked out of a movie theater, though I nearly did when I saw the dreadful The Expandables. It was just excruciatingly bad!! I did turn off The Good German, it was about 15-minutes into it but it was so darn boring. Not sure I’ll give it another shot even despite Cate Blanchett being in it.

    • Ruth – funny, nowadays ‘walking out’ takes on a whole new meaning because of the readiness of home entertainment. Although since I am ‘completionist’ when it comes to things concerning film, I have still trod through films that I had less than a positive response to until the end. One recent example was the direct to video/You Tube release, “A Girl Walks Into a Bar ….”

  2. Jack Deth says:

    Hi, iluv and company:

    Though I have been tempted a few times.

    No. I’ve never walked out on a film before the final credits. There’s a treasure trove of information hidden in them.

    I’ve covered my eyes at some really embarrassing scenes in films. Not surprisingly. More current films in what’s called ‘comedy’ today.

    Cases in point. The incredibly inane Old Dogs and any relatively recent film featuring Eddie (Daddy Day Care) Murphy.

  3. Jack you must be really excited then for the new Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller flick, Tower Heist 🙂

  4. I walked out once, but damn if I can remember the film. It had to have been years ago because these days I watch films online and on TV so it’s mighty easy to just shut the thing off – THAT I do all the time.

    I never sit through a bad film. I’ve been known to shut a thing down after five or ten minutes. Like I did for MOULIN ROUGE. Now THAT’S a film I would have walked out on had I had the misfortune to be sitting in a theater.

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