R-Rated Lunch Box Blog-a-thon

Another month another blog-a-thon …

This time our friends at Go-See-Talk have tasked us with coming up with 5 lunch boxes that would outlandish by conventional standards (rated R – although one of my choices is NC-17).

Overall I kind of like my choices. This was a bit more difficult than I initially thought it would be. The main problem I encountered was that while some of my choices may seem on the surface outlandish, one can easily picture someone carrying a lunch box in an ironic sort of way. So I guess the focus would be on what would be inappropriate for a school-aged child to carry.

A special thanks goes to Marc at Go-See-Talk for working his Photoshop magic!

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Once you make a start you soon realize that you can go on and on with ideas.


  1. The Fly and Kill Bill are my favorites. These are amazing. The guy you had do the photoshop work is quite talented.

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