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Drafts are Fun!

Hope you all have had a great holiday weekend (those of you in the States). Part of my weekend has been to take part in an exciting online activity, courtesy of fellow LAMB, Anomalous Material. We are currently in the third round of what the site’s 2012 Hollywood Fantasy Draft. I defer to the website for the rules of engagement. But in summary, there is a point system based on individual accolades and box office receipts and well as potential point deductions if a member of your fantasy team runs afoul.

Another means of accumulating points is to create a movie pitch based on your fantasy crew. They say everyone has a book or screenplay in them and I suppose I am no different; I will use this as a chance to plot out a few ideas I have in my head for a film idea.

What is cool is that the pace is rather sow; so far we have averaged a round a day, so you do not have to be fixed to your computer waiting your turn – although I do like to check in every so often and see what my fellow film bloggers are up to 🙂

And if you get your timing right, you can just about guesstimate when your turn to pick is. If you do miss your ‘window or opportunity’ no fear – you just make your selection as soon as you are able to. The one potential downfall to this practice would be the actor/director you have your ‘heart set on’ can be gone by the time you make your pick.

As previously stated, we are well into the third round and my three picks are slotted. So far, so good – Michael Fassbender, Kathryn Bigelow, Naomie Harris.

This is my first time taking part in the event and can I just say as someone whose NFL Fantasy Season is winding down, I am pumped and rearing to see what lies ahead in 2012!


  1. glad you’re enjoying the draft too Iba, it never makes me tired…the fun of reading people’s choices.
    Will you write a pitch?

    • Very, very likely. I have my principle people (leads and director). Really like some of Bigelow’s work, so that puts me in mind for what kind of film I would like to ‘create.’ Like I said everyone has a story in them and I will do a trial run with this pitch 🙂 How about you?

    • Very good strategy. I’m kind of doing the same thing. B.O. potential does not hurt either but as I refine my ideas on the fly I am starting to get a clearer picture of who I want to fit in where in my story.

      It is so funny how it is both fun and yet also a little competitive when the picks come around. I have tried to convince myself that I am not disappointed when a choice of mine goes away!

  2. I have my story ready even before the game started 🙂

    that’s why I dont really go with finding actors with lots of movies next year.

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