Coming in 2012 …

2012 is a banner year for me – it will mark my 5th year as a film blogger! It started out REALLY slow, but I have now found my niche and my voice in the movie blogosphere.

In celebration of this event, the plan is to have some special “anniversary” postings throughout the year.

In addition, I hope to expand my coverage of live events, including screenings, film festivals and, if I can swing it, interviews from various sectors of the film industry. I also am planning on doing a “readers’ corner” of sorts where I review books about films that I think fellow cinephiles may be interested in.

First up – The New York Times Arts & Leisure weekend and a Q&A with Carey Mulligan on January 8th.


Thanks for coming along with me on this journey thus far.

Best wishes, great health and prosperity in 2012!


  1. Fifth year! That’s awesome Iba. I love reading your blog, so keep up the great work. Here’s to a more great films in 2012!

  2. I know you aren’t as geeked as I am about comic film adaptations, but I see your point regarding Hollywood’s lack of creativity.

    That stated, in 2012 I’m hyped to see:

    The Hobbit
    Dark Knight Rising
    The Avengers (although I’m skeptical)
    Prometheus (I’m not as skeptical)

    Speaking of a lack of new ideas, can you believe they are re-releasing the Star Wars prequels in 3D soon?!?! Ummm, sadly yes, , I can believe it. :/

    Just got the blu-ray set of all six flics from the better half, so that should be enough “new” Star Wars for me. 🙂

  3. Five years of blogging is impressive Iba. I wasn’t even born back then! (wait, actually I was…) Looking forward to what’s in store in 2012 😀

    • Thanks Castor. Trust, the first couple of years were quite thin on postings indeed, but then I made a decision around ’09 to more fully commit to the site and here I am today!

  4. Congrats on five years! I’m quickly approaching my one year anniversary. Five years is quite the achievement. Looking forward to what you have coming up in the months to come.

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