iluvcinema’s Take on 2011 in Motion Pictures

In these, the waning days of 2011, I decided to take a moment and reflect on the year that was in the world of motion pictures. Here in no particular order are some of the highs and lows:

(1) Battle: Los Angeles vs. Battle: South London

This is no contest – South London hands down! Thanks to the gem of a film Attack the Block. Sure the kids are not trained thesps, the budget was low and the aliens are basically fur balls with LED fangs, but they will win out every time to having Ne-Yo in my company of soldiers.


(2) Silence is Golden (and potentially Oscar-bound)

The Artist has captured hearts and minds the world-wide. It is a magical transport to a time and place too soon forgotten.


(3) The Last Time I Saw Paris

Was at the cinema. Sure I went to Paris this summer, but the Paris of Woody Allen‘s imagination in the absolutely gorgeous Midnight in Paris was an experience that left a huge smile on my face.


(4) A Girl Walks Into a Bar …

… and I walk out. This Straight to YouTube feature (we are told the first of its kind) really bored me with its very self-aware level of quirk and supposed sharp, quick and witty dialogue.  But maybe that is the point, some people like that type of stuff. I am just not one of them.


(5) Year of The Fassbender (even GQ Magazine thinks so)

I think at the time of publishing this I would have seen just about every film that he had a principle role in: Jane Eyre, X-Men First Class, Shame and A Dangerous Method. He is getting all sorts of buzz, nominations and awards from his performance in Shame – yeah. And he does not seem to be slowing down in 2012. Worthy particular mention is the release of the hotly anticipated sci-fi horror Prometheus (directed by Ridley Scott).


(6) Superhero Schmuper-Hero

I am pretty much over superhero/comic book adaptations at this point. Things have gotten so that in 2011 when it was announced that we have two reboots of what we were told were already reboots (Superman and Spider Man) I was less than thrilled. Granted, I liked X-Men First Class and Captain America (but skipped Thor) and will probably skip a few that come along in 2012.


(7) So Long Dear Friends

I will not attempt to go through the list of all of those that were lost in world of cinema, so I will defer to the lovely and haunting tribute that TCM has put together in memory of ….


(8) Reading is Fundamental(ly) Rewarding

Readers this year were rewarded for their loyalty with some quality movies being released that are based on beloved books. This is one reason that Harry Potter, The Help, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, among others, occupy precious space on my bookshelf / Kindle Fire.

But I guess there is always an exception that breaks the rule:

Something Borrowed


(9) Who Knew? Ladies, We Can Be Funny Too!

Maybe the response to Bridesmaids was an overreaction due to the drivel that has  been  shoveled at us and called ‘comedy for ladies.’ And maybe it was not. I went to this film by myself and laughed quite a lot. Well done, Kristen Wiig and co! Let’s just hope that we do not have any downwind derivative comedies of a similar ilk (who am I kidding, eh)?


(10) Potter-ing is such Sweet Sorrow

What an epic end to a film and book franchise that I came to so late but wholeheartedly loved (insert sad face).



(11) And last but not least …

To all my faithful and loyal readers/commenters who have made it a pleasure this year for me to post my thoughts and reactions from the world of cinema.  Your voices have made this part of my life very rewarding and for that I sincerely thank you.




  1. What a fantastic list.

    I agree with every one of them. But I am afraid we have just fallen out…. I want a Kindle Fire….. Not out here in UK though… I might cry…

    • Scott

      (re: Kindle Fire) – that can be a whole other discussion for a different time. Great as a content delivery device, which is all I need – read books, newspapers and magazines and play games. Need the USB though to hook up to computer so I can put my music on it. It is pretty and for 199 US worth it I think.

      It will come across soon I hope!

  2. Great summary of 2011, Iba! Good for you for getting lots of reading done, I hope to read more in 2012. I love that we both love The Artist and Midnight in Paris, both are such enchanting films I won’t mind watching repeatedly.

    As for Fassbender, I’m happy for him for his tremendous success but for some reason, I’m not as enamored with him as I used to. I get weird that way when a previously-unknown actor gets to be too famous.

    • Thank Ruth. I hear you regarding Fassbender. Someone told me earlier this year that we should relish his obscurity while we can because he will soon belong to the world. Which is good in terms of career success, etc. I think that he is able to achieve more recognition while doing generally non-mainstream fare (Prometheus and XMen aside) is promising for a diverse and interesting career.

      Just got back from A Dangerous Method … another solid performance.

  3. Great list indeed…I intend to own Attack the Block, and I am intrigued by the Cheadle-Gleason pairing. Will probably check that out too.

    • Fellow blogger Castor of has it as one of his favorite films of 2011. It is bound to be a cult classic. And I did not cover it but it does have a message to it.

  4. I love how you wrote your list!!! and great list by the way 🙂
    I have to see Midnight in Paris because everyone keeps praising that movie. I am not really into love story but it intrigues me.

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