Happy Monday

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Here in the Northeast, it is kind of BLAH with the snow on the ground and misty rain falling. Hope all is well by you, wherever you are.

For today’s post, I have gathered a bunch of articles that I read over the past couple of days that relate to the comings, goings and other stuff in the world of film.


BONUS: Great video clip for Giants fans: I am not a huge fan of late night television (or of the NY Giants for that matter), but I stumbled across this clip of Viggo Mortensen’s latest appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman (1.13.2012). The data set is not complete, but it looks like there is a possible correlation between Mortensen Golden Globe nods and Giants’ Super Bowl appearances:



If the spirit moves you, I implore you to watch the interview in its entirety – entertaining stuff.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I’m kinda looking forward to Total Recall even though Len Wiseman isn’t exactly a good director. But the clips they showed at comic-con was pretty cool!

  2. Ahah yea I saw that Letterman episode when it was on TV. Always fun to see Viggo! The Superbowl is going to be incredibly exciting and potentially really high scoring.

    • Viggo is quite a witty guy.

      Good news for him – he is a Giants fan. Bad news??? He is also a Knicks and Mets fan. I feel his pain – I too am a ‘fan’ of both teams.

      As for the SB, I will probably watch just for entertainment. I have no football team loyalties.

  3. Happy Monday to you too my friend!!

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