Films Set or Shot in Montreal

Centaur Theatre (the Old Montreal Stock Exchange)

For this, the next installment in my cinematic journey around the globe, I am hopping back over across the Atlantic and returning to my home continent (North America) – due north to the picturesque eastern Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec.

I had always known that Canada was a place that Hollywood studios liked to go to use as a local, cost-effective alternative filming location. As such, click here to see the full list. As I went through the list one of films stood out to me. Over 90% of the Roland Emmerich environmental disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow, was shot in Montreal.

As for films actually SET in Montreal, the list is a little less daunting and includes titles such as Norman Jewison’s Agnes of God (1985), the Angelina Jolie/Ethan Hawke thriller Taking Lives (2004), and the Bruce Willis/Matthew Perry crime caper The Whole Nine Yards (2000).

Two of my favorites in this set have been previously mentioned in this space: Wait Until Dark (1967) and Away We Go! (2009). Add to the list of favorite films set in Montreal the slick heist movie The Score (2001) which starring Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton and featuring Angela Bassett and, in his final movie appearance, Marlon Brando.


I close this entry with a couple of my travel snaps that I took along the way.


  1. You take awesome pictures Iba! I never ask you this before but where in North America are you from? So you settle in the UK now right? I LOVE Montreal, I went to visit a few years ago and an acquaintance of mine took us to the Old City and it’s so charming. I guess Canada is much cheaper for filming and it certainly makes for a great stand-in for various big US cities.

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