Weekend Viewing Options …

Happy Friday everyone! Among the weekend viewing options :


A few observations:

  • I have heard too many mixed reviews about John Carter and I still do not know what it is about, so I will likely give it a pass.
  • Friends With Kids looks like it has potential but after the setting expectations so high off the tails of Bridesmaids, nothing but unmet expectations can be on the horizon. May be a rental.
  • Does anyone actually watch Eddie Murphy films anymore?

In keeping with my theme of the past week, I think I will be finishing up and posting my Farewell, My Queen review and watching a few other French films that I have been meaning to catch up with.

So, now I turn it over to you; what are your viewing plans for the weekend? Going to see any of these films? Please comment below.



  1. My hubby is really into Edgar Rice Burroughs and the other writers who were sort of influenced by him, Robert E. Howard & H.P. Lovecraft, so we are probably going to see John Carter this weekend. I’ve seen mixed reviews too but I like these big-budget crazy action pictures so I guess I’m willing to give it a shot.

    Salmon Fishing looks pretty good to me as well, could just be overexposure to the trailer. It was in front of The Artist.
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  2. I love this weekend column-it’s a staple read of mine now. Would be cool if you included the Tomatometer somewhere adjacent to the film…but just my .02 cents.

    I thought you may like this. 🙂

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  3. I’ll be seeing Salmon Fishing in Yemen tomorrow, can’t wait!
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