Easter Viewing Traditions (Poll)

Easter is one of those tricky days for my family and me. Growing up we would on occasion go to Easter service but not regularly (always too crowded). In addition, when it came to “Easter Dinner” (family is from the South so any holiday is basically an excuse to eat), we would typically have a big to-do at the house with all the trimmings. There was also always the laying out and filling up of the baskets, the dyeing of the eggs, etc. to keep us entertained.

In recent years however, these traditions have completely fallen at the wayside – all but one, that is. Every so often, I do find myself flipping through the channels on Easter Sunday and stopping when I see The Ten Commandments or The Sound of Music on TV (not sure about The Wizard of Oz though, that may be Thanksgiving/Christmas).

Personally I would have to say that my go-to Easter viewing traditions are the aforementioned The Sound of Music and Jesus of Nazareth. With respect to the latter, I remember being a youth and thinking that it was so epic!

So now I turn it over to you, fellow cine-philes:


What film do you traditionally watch at Easter?

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  1. Sad to day I don’t have an Easter watching tradition. But this weekend it’s all about hopefully seeing Titanic back on the big screen!
    Pete recently posted..Why I Love Titanic: Part 1My Profile

  2. I have watched all of those films fairly regularly over the decades and EASTER PARADE is the one we are most likely to watch as a family – the fact that it is the shortest may very well have something to do with it, I’ll be honest – but it depends what is made available on TV – though I do own all of these on video/DVD/Blu-ray, on public holidays we usually just watch what is available on the box …

    Happy Easter (or ‘Buona Pasqua’ as we say in my neck of the woods).
    Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) recently posted..MURDER AT SCHOOL (1931) by James HiltonMy Profile

  3. In the past, it’s been ‘The Ten Commandments’ (viewing its broadcast on television). This year, my son and I will be doing this epic</a< on the big screen.
    le0pard13 recently posted..
    Happy Birthday You Ol’ Westerner: Gregory PeckMy Profile

  4. All of them seem to be good choices, glad you didn’t include ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ on there, ugh. I voted for Ben-Hur even though I would make David and Bathsheba as an Easter viewing tradition now 😀
    ruth recently posted..Scene Spotlight: Easter Hymn scene on ‘The Purple Plain’My Profile

  5. I do not have any Easter viewing traditions, but for some reason there is plenty of romantic comedies on TV this time, I do not get that all 🙂
    sati recently posted..Un Balcon sur la MerMy Profile

  6. I don’t usually watch movies on Easter, but I know my local TV station always broadcasts Easter movies like Jesus of Nazareth or Passion of Christ, so sometimes I would watch that!
    Diana aka Aziza recently posted..Once [2006]My Profile

  7. The Ten Commandments for me!!

    Hope you had a great Easter!
    The Focused Filmographer recently posted..It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 94My Profile

  8. Not sure if it is going to become an Easter tradition yet but we watched Sound of Music and my 4 year-old was really into it so who knows. As an aside that new Blu-ray version is pretty awesome.
    3guys1movie recently posted..Hump Day Have Your Say….. What’s in Marcellus Wallace’s Briefcase?My Profile

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