Monday Poll: Avengers Edition

Well we all know what this week has in store … time to ASSEMBLE!

When I went online with the prospect of purchasing my ticket, my head began to spin with the various options that lay before me.

It got me wondering, how everyone else is planning on seeing The Avengers this weekend (or next, like me); so please respond to the poll below and be sure to comment!

How do you plan on seeing "The Avengers."

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  1. Would love to see it in IMAX but it’s £20 for the train ride then an expensive ticket.
    Pete recently posted..I Love That Blog Post #3My Profile

  2. I’m pretty cheap (they used to call it thrifty!), so I’ll be going the standard route.
    NeverTooEarlyMP recently posted..The Academy Members Project GMy Profile

  3. It’s not playing at the regular IMAX screens but I’ll try to see it on the IMAX at AMC. I’m sure it’ll be great, I just hope that we still get tickets!
    ruth recently posted..Wet Blog-a-thon: Ten Indelible Rain/Wet ScenesMy Profile

  4. I saw standard projection and in 2D, I heard 3D doesn’t add much in this one.
    sati recently posted..2 new "Prometheus" related gems!My Profile

  5. Going to see it with the crew on Sunday at 11am…we got a Hulk! LOL
    Ja Daws recently posted..Who Do YOU Think Will Win The Mayweather-Cotto Showdown?My Profile

  6. I’m not a fan of the IMAX. Well, not the one in Waterloo. The seats are cramped and if you’re not sitting in exactly the right place, you’ll get a crappy view.

    I did see it in regular 3D followed by a 2D screening the next day. Perfect 😀
    Jaina recently posted..Scandinavian InvasionMy Profile

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