Tribeca 2012 Recap: The Shorts

This is my first in a series of recap dispatches from the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. Subsequent posts will include summaries of the documentaries and narrative films I had the pleasure of seeing over the nearly two week period.

The presentation of shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival is typically done in 80-90 minute programming blocks so that you can view a series of films in just one sitting. This year, my viewing of the shorts was a bit more random so while I did get to see a few shorts, they were not a part of any one of the seven Tribeca programming blocks (Men-Hattan, Status Update, Long Story Short, Journeys Across Cultural Landscapes, Help Wanted, Fallout, and Triptych).

Below are my general impressions from those I did have the pleasure of seeing as well as a shortlist of the films I missed out on catching.


Pitch Black Heist (directed by John Maclean)

This is definitely one of the films I was looking forward to during the festival. Yes it is a short, but it was an entertaining one at that. Directed by John Maclean, this project was a reunion of sorts – for actor/director (Michael Fassbender and Maclean collaborated on the 2009 short Man on a Motorcycle) and for the leads (Fassbemder and Liam Cunningham co-starred in Steve McQueen’s Hunger).

This is definitely not your everyday heist … a surprise plot twist at the end makes sure of that.


CatCam (directed by Seth Keal)

I cannot proclaim to be a cat person but this film is just adorable!

This short tells the tale of a family who just moved from Germany to South Carolina. Soon after, they find a stray cat on their property. The owner of the house,  Jürgen Perthold, becomes increasingly curious about the life of this stray cat, with the world of Mr. Lee (the cat). The result: he uses his engineering know how to rig a camera to Mr. Lee. Among other things, this film gives us an interesting perspective on the social life of cats.

I am sure that if you see it you will love it!


The Perfect Fit (directed by Tali Yankelevich)

Another good short; this one gives us a glimpse inside the factory that makes pointed toe ballet shoes. The short highlights the contrast between the hands that make the shoes for a craft that is so beautiful, delicate and graceful.


Paraíso (directed by Nadav Kurtz)

Paraíso is a look at the world of the Chicago window washers, at times from their perspective. We follow three men as they describe their hopes, fears and challenges faced in doing such a dangerous job.


BFF (directed by Neil LaBute)

This film has auteur Neil LaBute’s name attached to it so I had high hopes. It is the story of a girl who confides in her ‘BFF’ about her current relationship problems …

Overall, my response to this short was rather lukewarm; I kind of knew where it was going.


Prima (directed by Miguel Calayan)

Another one with an interesting twist. This short reminds me of The Twilight Zone episode “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” (possible spoiler).



Baseball in the Time of Cholera

Beauty Culture

Picture Paris




Now it’s your turn: Do any of these titles interest you? Let me know in the comments field below.


  1. I would like to see Pitch Black Heist, CatCam and Paraiso. All sound very intriguing. Thanks for sharing!
    Pete recently posted..April Round-Up: Part 1My Profile

  2. Jack Deth says:

    Hi, Iluv and company:

    Great write ups and photos!

    ‘Pitch Black Heist’ looks and sounds the most intriguing. Though, as a life long Cat Person, writer of feline poetry and Haikus and Food Guy for a clutch of outdoor strays. I’m pleased to see ‘CatCam’ is in the running!

  3. Oh, I’m gonna need to see the one with Fassbender 🙂
    sati recently posted..Movie of the Month – May – The RunawaysMy Profile

  4. I really like your recaps and posts about Tribecca, I am always interested in film festivals. Black Heist, CatCam, Perfect Fit and Paraiso sound very good, maybe I can find them somewhere so I can see them soon! Thanks!
    Diana aka Aziza recently posted..Musical Saturday: An American in Paris[1951]My Profile

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