Happy Friday!

Hey ILC Readers!

As per usual when the week comes to a close, I like to look at what is on offer in cinemas 🙂

This weekend looks a bit promising (at least in terms of options and variety). I am sure there is something for everyone.


Magic Mike


People Like Us


 Take this Waltz

And then I simply ask: WHY?

I anticipate at some point checking out Ted – initially I did not ‘get’ this film but the more I read and saw, the more interested in it I have become.

I for one plan on finishing a couple of Netflix-queued films in addition to possibly going to see Woody Allen’s latest. But I also really want to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. I am sure I will be able to catch this one over the 4th of July holiday.


With that said, how about you? What are you going to be watching this weekend?



  1. Beasts of the Southern Wild looks magical. Though, doubt I’ll be able to catch it on the big screen here 🙁

    I do want to see Magic Mike… i shamefully admit that!

    Hoping to catch Killer Joe tonight 😀
    Jaina recently posted..100 movies: Rebel Without a CauseMy Profile

  2. I saw Ted last night. Pretty hilarious although totally formulaic from a plot standpoint. I definitely want to check out Beast of the Southern Wild but it won’t come out for another couple weeks in Minneapolis 🙁
    Castor recently posted..Watch: Kick-Ass Trailer for RZA’s Kung-Fu Flick ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’My Profile

  3. Happy Friday! I’m more interested to see People Like Us than Magic Mike, but will be seeing Vampire Hunter tonite.
    ruth recently posted..Thank you Nora Ephron for your wonderful rom-coms!My Profile

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