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Well we are a week away from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and the frenzy has already begun. A day or so ago, I went online (at the insistence of a co-attendee) to reserve my IMAX tickets and I happened to notice that the Friday night 10:25PM IMAX screening is already sold out! Luckily for me, I was getting tickets for the 7:00PM showing and sailed through the ticket purchasing process unfazed.

This got me thinking – about the euphoria surrounding such event pictures and why one insists on actions. I mean, seriously, for a film that is SUCH a cinematic event, why the rush? Of course this is a rhetorical question because as I write, I can think of a plethora of reasons people insist on seeing a film right out of the gate. But I am also left wondering is it worth all the aggravation associated with opening weekend attendance (lines outside the theater, the mad dash for seats, etc.). This is an especially painful experience in NYC, where I have attended more than my share of opening day/weekend screenings.

Well back to my answer – which is an immediate and definitive Hmm, it depends. If going with a group of people with whom this matters, then YES, I will wade my way through the masses. BUT when left to my own devices, I would have to say it is not an experience that I regularly engage in nowadays – long gone is my fervent desire to see an event film on opening weekend (likely a function of my advancing years).

So I ask you ILC readers, do you still insist on seeing blockbuster films on opening weekend?

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  1. It really depends, at least for me. I’ve been to a number of these and some are worth it while others not. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ I suspect is going to be in the former category. I already have my IMAX tickets for the 10 AM showing (yes, I took the day off). Thanks, Iba.
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  2. Rarely do I catch a blockbuster on the opening weekend but sometimes as in with TDKR, I’m going to try my bloody hardest!
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  3. Great poll Iba, it really does depend on what the movie is. We have our Dark Knight Rises tickets already but that’s the only one so far this summer that we’ve bought ahead (other than Singin’ in the Rain) 😉

    I must admit, I didn’t take the day off for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but we did go to midnight showings.
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    • Good points, also realize as I was writing it I tend to advance purchase my repertory cinema going to but that is for the obvious reason (such as your Singin’ in the Rain) – they are limited engagement/one-offs that advance booking is necessary.

  4. I am not wasting gonna go in “early” to see this…I don’t have the patience nor the comfort-level to bother with uber-crowds, no matter what film is showing. It’s really that simple.
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  5. I got the tickets for IMAX for Saturday night at 7pm instead to avoid the crazy crowd, but I think it’ll be just as crowded. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!
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