TDKR = Epic Awesomeness

PLEASE NOTE: This is not necessarily a review. Partially because I am lazy and do not have the time to produce the fully developed, well-reasoned analysis this film deserves. Also, whenever possible I enjoy bucking convention when it comes to a critical reaction to a film; I think it makes things more exciting 🙂

I do recognize, however, that after seeing The Dark Knight Rises this past Friday, I could not let the moment pass without letting the readers (at least) know what I thought of the film – as if the title of this post were not indication enough.

As we know, films like these that come in 3’s usually can be a bit of a let down in its closing installment. So automatically, the expectation and excitement I had for this film was a bit tempered. But, as you will see by the following aspects of the film that I have highlighted below, The Dark Knight Rises left me with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and completion.


The slow burn. I felt like the action that awaited us largely in the remainder of the movie was well earned by the dramatic tension, pathos and humor experienced in the early stages of the film.


Anne Hathaway. While I have my favorite actors/actresses, I try not to invest too much time and energy in those thesps that I look upon less favorably. In the case of Anne Hathaway, on the best of days, I have remained relatively ambivalent about her. Here in The Dark Knight Rises, she delivered the goods. I was quite impressed with her performance. And better yet, I want her personal trainer 🙂


The cast at large. As with many comic book adapts, the law of diminishing returns holds. When I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises I was a little apprehensive – there were too many people that I recognized! How would they all get a fair share of screen time? Well leave it to Nolan to balance everyone’s role and create a true ensemble piece.


Those nice little surprises. From the cameos to little plot twists, this installment gave it to you all.


It truly was a communal cinematic experience. In a world of flat panel monitors and home cinemas, people have started to question the need for the multiplex, movie house, or any incarnation of film exhibition that lies in between.  A large part of my enjoyment from watching the film was that I was in a room full of strangers who were laughing, crying and clapping along. In other words, we are all there to have a good time – and we did. And in the wake of the unspeakable tragedy of this past weekend, that was a warm, reassuring experience to have.


I could not have imagined a better send off for the Christopher Nolan “Dark Knight” canon.

(For the uninitiated, not to worry – you can always catch up on the first two in The Dark Knight trilogy by signing up and watch movies online for free).


  1. Very well said! Couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact I tried, and I just babbled on incessantly.

    You know what? How many trilogies have you seen where each film is so strong by itself? I honestly can’t remember. When you narrow the search down to comic book films, it’s virtually impossible to think!

    I know a lot of viewers didn’t like the overly sombre mood of the film, the drama and the slow burn. Those are all the reasons why I LOVED the film. I do love a good slow burner.

    I too want Anne Hathaway’s trainer – bloody hell girl, she looked amazing!
    Jaina recently posted..100 movies: The Dark Knight RisesMy Profile

  2. Seems like the more reviews I read on this, the more I realize this movie is quite polarizing. I didn’t love it as much as you Iba [you can read my review as to why] but I do agree that Anne was good as Selina and that was a pleasant surprise to me as I was meh on her casting initially.
    ruth recently posted..FlixChatter Review: The Dark Knight RisesMy Profile

    • I think it is also about managed expectations. I had thrown my hat in with the Prometheus lot and did not really give that much pre-release notice or hype to TDKR.

      BTW Just posted on your blog 🙂

  3. I am super pleased you liked it matey!!

    I felt the same about Hathaway…. She certainly was a sexy minx in this!
    Scott Lawlor recently posted..DVD Review – The PreyMy Profile

  4. Awesome review, one that actually makes me excited for the movie. Can’t wait to see Anne as Catwoman.
    sati recently posted..Soundtrack Wednesday – The Dark Knight Rises (2)My Profile

  5. Nice to see you finally give Ms. Hathaway some deserved props for a change! 🙂
    Jd recently posted..Is Peyton Manning Still A Top Ten Fantasy Quarterback In 2012?My Profile

  6. And how can you leave out Bane’s inhumanly bizarre voice and witticisms. “(Captain says) I’ll die before I tell you anything. (Bane responds) I agree with your schedule.” lol
    Ja recently posted..Is Peyton Manning Still A Top Ten Fantasy Quarterback In 2012?My Profile

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