In Memoriam: Tony Scott

Over the past several days, I debated about whether or not I should post something about Tony Scott, given the sensational dimension the circumstances surrounding his passing has wrought. Upon further reflection I decided that it is apt because, no matter what surrounds a person’s passing, it is always appropriate to reflect upon their life and work, especially when with one who gave so much to the entertainment of the masses.

It is in that vein that I present to you my top three films (no particular order) in his impressive oeuvre.


Crimson Tide (1995)

Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman jockey for power on a submarine. Enough said. Oh yeah and Viggo Mortensen was in it too 🙂


Enemy of the State (1998)

Is this type of conspiracy really possible? For me it did not matter because I simply loved this action-packed espionage thriller, a suspension of


Man on Fire (2004)

Yeah I know it is a remake and not a perfect film, but it kept me engaged all the way through. And it’s Denzel Washington – plus who could resist Christopher Walken as the biggest “hype man” in cinematic history.


Honorable Mention to The Last Boy Scout (1991) chalk this one up as a case of a very, very guilty pleasure.

(And yes, no Top Gun on this list – for whatever reason, this film never floated my boat).

How about you? Comment below …


  1. I remain a big fan of ‘The Last Boy Scout’, Iba. Tony Scott filmography is getting a thorough review of late (good to finally see). I’m even a fan of ‘Domino’ (see my friend J.D.’s fine review of that under appreciated film). I watched in salute to the man my other current favorite of his, ‘Deja Vu’. TS is someone we’re going to miss terribly I think. Fine tribute.
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  2. Glad you decided to do this tribute Iba. You’re right, the person might have perished, but the films live on. I haven’t seen Man on Fire and Crimson Tide, will try to see those soon. I highly recommend Spy Game btw.
    ruth recently posted..Classic Actor Spotlight: Jack Lemmon Part III… Defining HimselfMy Profile

  3. Excellent choice of films. Man on Fire’s probably my favourite alongside Top Gun. He had a way with action films and it’s a shame we won’t be seeing any more of his.
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  4. Excellent, poignant piece. Brings back memories. I’d say that Crimson Tide was his best work with DW.
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  5. I also really enjoyed Unstoppable for its simplicity and sound acting. The train was a great antagonist. 🙂 It is sad though–I can remember hearing Tony Scott speaking on HBO’s Inside Look about the movie with the cast on the set of the filming, and he seemed so lucid, engaged and excited…so to hear/see this happen to him a mere year or so later, it just breaks your heart and confounds you at the same time.
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  6. THE HUNGER, DEJA VU, and (if only for the OTT conclusion) DOMINO will probably continue to be the Scott films I”m fondest of…but he and his brother’s recent record as television producers, with NUMB3RS and THE GOOD WIFE, is what I’ll be most grateful for.
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  7. So glad to see The Last Boy Scout get a mention! Love that film to bits. One of my fave Brucey performances with some cracking one-liners! RIP Mr Scott!
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