Tuesday’s Overlooked Film: The Uninvited (1944)

It is about that time of year when we are reminded of things that go “bump” in the night – may I submit for your approval this 1944 suspenseful, romantic gem from director Lewis Allen.

This is an old-fashioned English ghost story where brother and sister (Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey) purchase a lovely home on the Cornish coast. They are more than happy when they discover the rock-bottom price for the home – what could possibly be wrong with it?

Enter Gail Russell, daughter of the seller (Donald Crisp), an ethereal beauty who has an equally seemingly otherworldly attachment to the house …


There is no mistaking, this film is beautifully shot – apparently the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thought so too. Cinematographer Charles Lang received an Oscar nod for his black and white camera work.

Check out the trailer below:

If you love good old fashioned ghost stories, especially those with an English touch.


  1. One of my favorite haunted house movies! It’s fortunate channels like TCM serve this up as the disc release remains missing in action, at least for the US market. The UK will get it next week in Region 2 PAL. Great look at this classic, Iba.
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  2. Famously the only large-budget horror film in the States in its clutch of years…I like it more than I love it, but it’s eminently worth seeing. But just not in the same league with the original CAT PEOPLE or the rest of the best of the RKO/Lewton Unit classics.
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  3. Looks terrific, I’ll check it out for sure!
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  4. Patti Abbott says:

    One of my favorite films on this theme. Just so well done.

  5. Thsi is one of those films that knocked me out as a kid and I’ve been trying to get a proper DVD of it ever since – apparently one is due in the UK quite soon! Thanks for the memories Iba – great, creepy, romantic movie.
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  6. I haven’t seen it, but it’s one of my mother’s favorite movies, ghost stories or otherwise. She loves it.

    It’s playing on Turner Classic Movies this month.
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  7. Michael E. Stamm says:

    Credit where credit is due: the source novel by Dorothy Macardle is splendidly creepy, in some places truly scary, though in the book the romance element is not particularly believable.

  8. Great choice, iluv!

    A wonderfully suspenseful, extremely gothic, scary in exactly the right places little gem. That opened up many opportunities and later venues for the sometimes, too polished though often creepy Ray Milland.

    • He does have the look of menace about him, doesn’t he?

      • Jack Deth says:

        Hi, iluv:

        I’ve always thought that Ray Milland would have a far creepier, unbeknownst pill freak, Ed Avery; than James Mason in Nicholas Ray’s ‘Bigger Than Life’.

        Not surprising that Roger Corman used his talents in several memorable, low budget films.

  9. I thought I had commented on this one, hmmm where did it go? This one looks interesting Iba, and I haven’t seen any film by Joan Fontaine before so this might be the first.
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  10. One of my all time favorites, Iba. I only just recently bought a DVD of it so now I can watch whenever I please. This is one I like to view Halloween week. I recommended this (as I usually do) on a Halloween films post this week. I’m incorrigible, I know. I’m always recommending the same ten or twenty or so films. Can’t help it. I
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