My End of the Year Challenge

I admit it I have really fallen off this year with my cinema-going. Some of it is my fault but some of it has to do with the mere fact that it seems like all the ‘good stuff’ (for me anyways) is mushed into an increasingly small window – the last 3-4 weeks of the calendar year.

This is my roster of films (in no particular order):

  • Lincoln
  • Dark Zero Thirty
  • Central Park Five
  • The Hobbit
  • Les Miserables
  • Django Unchained

My December 2012 Lineup

So what do you think? Can I do it?


  1. Great list of movies, i want to see all of those too. Especially Lincoln. Hopefully I’ll manage to do that before Oscar nominations.
    sati recently posted..(58) The world isn’t ending today + linksMy Profile

  2. Yeah, great list. I’ll have to wait for Netflix, but in a way it’s fun to see what happens at the Oscar then see if I agree after I’ve seen the films months later. Anticipation and all. 🙂

    I’m especially looking forward to LINCOLN and LES MISERABLES. Also a film you haven’t listed but I’m anxious to see, the Ben Afflick war film – forgot the title…ARGO? Something like that.
    Yvette recently posted..Christmas Silly SymphoniesMy Profile

  3. YOU CAN DO IT! lol. it’s a lot, but if you have any holidays coming up, take advantage of the time off.
    Candice Frederick recently posted..Tyler Perry’s Answer to the Apocalypse: The Trailer for His New Film, "Confessions of a Marriage Counselor"My Profile

  4. I’m interested in all of these films, but Lincoln, the Hobbit and Django Unchained are probably my prime three.
    Jay-Dee recently posted..Rain Reunion with Hillis and Quinn Battling for the Basement Against BrownsMy Profile

  5. Of these I’ve only seen THE HOBBIT. I’m bitter that we have to wait until Jan. 11 for ZERO DARK THIRTY.
    Paula recently posted..Christmas movie mea culpaMy Profile

  6. Hi Iba, I’m back! I hope to see more movies next year too. With the help of being on the press list, hopefully that’ll happen. I saw The Hobbit twice already and hope to see Les Miserables sometime this week! Not sure if I’ll get to the rest of your list until maybe their DVD release.
    ruth recently posted..Gone on holiday…My Profile

    • Welcome back! I really need to take advantage of the press lists and screener opportunities. In fact I have a backlog of smaller films that I need to catch up on. Looking forward to your Hobbit review 😉


  1. […] 6 before the end of 2012 challenge that was an epic FAIL on my part. Maybe I will be done with the films on the list before the awards season. Then there are all those films that in my Netflix queue, DVR list and my iTunes rental […]

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