What Do You Think? (Man of Steel Trailer)

Echoing the words at the end of this trailer for the Christopher Nolan – produced / Zack Snyder directed Man of Steel – what do YOU think?

ILC’s take: Every effort is to make the viewer feel like this is going to be EPIC. My question is does it really have to be so epic? I fully appreciate an earnest treatment of the DC Comic, but the overall sense I get from this (well-made) trailer is that it borders on being too earnest. Of course we do not need to wait too much longer to see the end product – the film is scheduled for released on June 14, 2013.
(On a side note, Cavill does make quite a fetching Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent).
Share your sentiments about the trailer below.


  1. I think it looks very grim. But I suppose that’s what they have to do nowadays… Exactly how does Superman shave?
    In the original story he didn’t have facial hair because nothing on earth would have been strong enough to shave it.
    Great minds want to know. 🙂

    Of course I’ll see it. But probably on Netflix.
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  2. Really liked the trailer. After the ridiculous Sucker Punch Snyder really needs something more serious and I’m glad the film appears to be that. Hopefully Nolan didn’t let it turn into a missed opportunity 🙂
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  3. I TOTALLY agree with you. Make the damn film, let the viewers decide if it’s epic, and then that’s what it’ll become. 🙂
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