Lesson to be Learned from The Third Man (Via Twitter)



  1. Hi, Iluv:

    Things I Learned from The Third Man:

    10/: If you visit Vienna be sure to speak German, French or Russian along with English.
    9/: When you arrive in Vienna and discover that your friend and meal ticket has died. Go home immediately!
    8/: Do not indulge in drinking large amounts of potato gin in the middle of a political intrigue.
    7/: Do not try to make friends with Harry’s Calico cat.
    6/: Bombed out ruins of a city should not be stumbled through when drunk and heart broken.
    5/: Light streams downward from a second story window to illuminate your long lost friend across the street.
    4/: Ferris Wheels in the center of town are inconspicuous and wonderful for discussion best left unheard.
    3/: Sewers are a great mode of covert transportation. As long as they remain anonymous.
    2/: Vagabond balloon sellers can be shadowy, scary and distractions when arranging an ambush.
    1/: The British Intelligence Service has never been as clever as they believe they are!

  2. I wish I could contribute but I haven’t even seen this movie yet 🙂 WOW, that Jack always have an arsenal of knowledge and info to share, LOVE him! 😀
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