Stuff I Learned By Watching the Oscars

Yeah. I got sucked into the fray and ended up watching the Academy Awards last night. It actually was not too bad. But since this is principally a film and not TV blog (although TV does on occasion creep into a post or two), I will not be reviewing or recapping this as a programming event. I leave that to the experts.

What I will gladly do is make a quick list (in no particular order) of the things that I learned by watching this year’s telecast.

    1. They really should have been using the Jaws theme for all these years! (Thanks to my friend QTS for pointing out)
    2. Jennifer Lawrence is definitely one of my favorite people in the world (even if I thought that Chastain should have won for Zero Dark Thirty). photo-4_3_r536_c534
    1. Charlize can cut a rug!!! d235888003913550_charlize_channing_dancing.xxxlarge
    2. I knew Seth MacFarlane liked his pop standards, but dude is a serious musical geek!
    3. Speaking of music – this telecast was more Grammys than the Grammys.
    4. I nominate Kerry Washington as the next Bond girl (did you see that Scandal promo? BTW you really need to be watching that show).

  1. ADELE and JHudson threw down.
  2. Kristen Stewart …
  3. DeNiro is a napper.
  4. Last, but certainly not least – apparently Argo directed itself.

Maybe next year, I will have a full-on Oscar party – stay tuned to this space. I am dying to make Oscar-themed cupcakes!

That’s me done – what was your take on the Academy Awards and the ceremony? Were you pleased with the results?

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  1. Hi, iluv and company:

    Things I learned from the Oscars.

    1/: Seth MacFarlane is many things. Funny is not one of them.

    2/: Full blown 1960s style Musicals will not be making a comeback any time soon.

    3/: The music from ‘Jaws’ works as a good scare tactic. Once.

    4:/ A tribute to ’50 years of Bond’ only works if all of the actors portraying him are in attendance.

    5:/ Shirley Bassey still has it!

    6:/ Barbra Streisand doesn’t.

    7:/ ‘Chicago’ was made eleven years ago. And is not “of this decade’.

    8:/ Andy Griffith was noticeably missing from the “In Memoriam’ tribute.

    9:/ A live orchestra only works well in the same auditorium as the Awards ceremony.

    10:/ Bridal gowns, high heels and staircases do not work or play well together.

    • Jack you are too much really.

      I agree with you on many counts!

      That Bond tribute was rather whack I must admit. My coworker said she was confused when Babs came out – she thought she was Jennifer Aniston.

      The Andy Griffith miss was MAJOR. Dude was in A Face in the Crowd for goodness sake!

      • Hi, iluv:

        If Sean Connery has been in attendance and in the Bond Tribute line up. There would have been a wall to wall long and standing ovation. Easily the high point of the night!

        Instead. Meh.

        Omitting Andy Griffith was a major mistake. Not just for his “Lonesome” Rhodes, but a life time in front of the camera and television.

        It’s refreshing to see you take a lighter touch, post Awards.

        PS: Huge Kudos for your previous “Curse” critique. Superbly researched and presented!

  2. I was surprised Seth had some serious pipes, but there are far too much musical stuff at the Oscars. I mean, what is this, Tony’s??! Ahah, yeah apparently ARGO directed itself 😀
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