“Django Unchained” Breakdown: Yeah, I Liked It

Happy Thursday ILC Readers –

I FINALLY have gotten around to catching the 2012 release of Quentin Tarantino’s latest, the Oscar-nominated (and Oscar winning) homage to the spaghetti western, Django Unchained. Let me preface this post by stating that I have not seen the film that serves as an “inspiration” for the film, Django (decidedly WITHOUT the chains, but with some of the same baggage).



Anyhoo, below are a few of my initial observations and reactions to the movie (in no particular order). Enjoy!

The film’s music was on-point. I really like this soundtrack. The juxtaposing of the classic western theme music with modern hip-hop and everything in between just worked for me. Tarantino is after the man who reminded how much I LOVE Let’s Stay Together by one Reverend Al Green. Respect.

Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious. True this is a statement of the obvious (seriously check out dude’s Twitter feed for evidence), but his turn as the not-so-subservient servant Stephen at least for me was one for the ages. The classic “wise fool” bluff.

DiCaprio should do really, really dark more often. In general, Leo does seem to edge slightly in the role of anti-hero when selecting his roles (kinda sorta can’t wait for his turn as Jay Gatsby). But here as the proprietor of one Candyland, Mr. DiCaprio was especially menacing NOW I know why folks felt like he was snubbed of an Oscar nod. Still that does not take anything away from …

Mr. Christoph Waltz. Man, what a screen presence. Sure I am the last person on the planet NOT to have seen Inglorious Basterds (Note to self: really need to work on that one, ILC) but he really takes the cake for me.

Kerry Washington is just so … durned pretty and apparently, a master of linguist.  Heck, I was convinced by Brunhilda’s German – granted, that is a pretty low bar I suppose. I felt like she spoke more German (or nearly as much) as English in the time she was on screen (and actually spoke).

The film coulda used a little trimming around the edges. Now I must say that I was not bored in the slightest, but especially near the end, I felt like the film could have been trimmed down a bit. A nearly three hour commitment (without an intermission) is quite a lot to ask of an audience. At the end of the day it is a credit to the film itself that so many folks enjoyed it, in spite of its running time.

Franco Nero (The O.D. – Original Django) likens “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. I just wanted to put that out there because I was so proud that I spotted his cameo, all the while not expecting it. Five points for Ravenclaw (Blasted Sorting Hat!)

Jamie – ruffles and blue silk, or whatever that shiny material was, is not a good look. That about says it all [wink].


Now is this film for everyone? OF COURSE NOT. This holds especially true for those who are perturbed by a high level of on-screen violence and/or the overuse of certain harsh (to put it mildly) turns of phrase.

So as you can see, all controversies aside (definitely a discussion worth having – I have already had several, including a long-planned one with my hairdresser), I actually enjoyed this film, and quite more than I expected to. I even laughed at some pointed moments (see note on Sam Jackson above).

That is to say I did not think I was going to see a turkey, but considering the last QT film I saw in the cinemas was Kill Bill, Volume I … you can imagine my initial trepidation – alas when the final credits rolled, all fears were allayed.



  1. Fine look at this, Iba. I’ve been meaning to see this once again (caught it the first weekend of its release). Now doubly so.
    le0pard13 recently posted..No Wonder My Allergies Are Raging Springtime Movie QuizMy Profile

    • Cool. Have you seen the original Django? I have it but just have not sat down to watch it. Really would have made for a fun side by side piece. But the moment has passed 🙁

  2. Hey, what was wrong with Kill Bill, Volume 1? 😉

    I agree with all of your assessments.

    I was disturbingly entertained. That’s all I will say.

    I can see how many folks, i.e. African-Americans like myself, could innately be annoyed, perplexed and perhaps PO’d by the setting/subject matter/take of this film. And I get and respect and appreciate that; but it was entertaining and had some scintillating performances as you point out.

    Re: Jamie’s character, I can see why guys like Idris Elba and/or Will Smith either didn’t get it nor perhaps wanted it for a plethora of reasons that are best suited for another post. 😉

    Great post
    Ja recently posted..Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Life And Times Of Bernard HopkinsMy Profile

    • Kill Bill Vol 1 is just too long for my liking.

      Regarding the other actors who considered (ann ultimately turned down the role), I am sure their turning it down was not entirely based on principle alone.

      When you look at the Django character, it is a lead role, but not a completely strong lead and it falls too dependent on the Shultz character. I feel like when the plot turned in a certain direction it lost some of its steam.

      That is just my opinion.

  3. I liked the movie, though it’s far from Tarantino’s best for me, the music was fantastic though and I’m so glad Waltz got Oscar for this, he was amazing!
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