Q&A with the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF)

Last month, I had the privilege of attending a couple of events in conjunction with the New York City International Film Festival. As the event drew to a close, I was able to carve out some time to shoot off a series of rapid-fire questions with Loyi Mamabolo, the festival’s Press & Media Director.

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How long has the festival been around?
The festival was founded in the summer of 2010, this upcoming year (2014) will be our 5 year anniversary.
nyciff logoWhat is your organization’s mission?
The mission of the NEW YORK CITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (NYCIFF) is to help up and coming talent in film to reach the best possible audience for their work.
In a city littered with festivals year round how do you carve out a unique position?
We are a very unique film festival in that we are absolutely drenched in international culture and art. Every year, filmmakers from all around the world come to celebrate their films. It has been incredible throughout the years to watch extreme opposite cultures collide during our events and create great relationships and even friendships. We are concentrated in bringing the world together through the art of filmmaking and exposing the message these artist reveal through their films.
It may be too early for 2014 discussion but do you have preliminary plans in the works?
– Yes! The most exciting thing about the festival is every year being able to start the plans again and correct any mistakes we have made in the past. Afterall, we wish to grow into a bigger and better opportunity for filmmakers. There are many new things in the works and we are very enthusiastic about next years events. What I look forward to the most is getting to watch this year’s submissions, see how previous filmmakers have grown and meet new filmmakers.
How would you sum up this years experience?
This year was incredible. The enthusiasm of people was astounding, I believe the moment where you could sense it the most was during awards night. It was truly a moving moment when each winner came up to the podium to accept their awards. Their words of struggling for years and to finally feel appreciated for this art that they .spend every living moment on. These actors and filmmakers went back to their native countries being received with honor and pride as their country watched them carrying their award. That is what we’re here for, to show the word these hidden talents that deserve to be seen!
Photo Source: NYCIFF

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