An Edith Head Appreciation Post

On the occasion of Edith Head’s birthday I decided to do a quick appreciation post. Frankly, I cannot believe I have not done one sooner; I guess this is down to relying on all you wonderful people out there who have waxed lyrical about the film fashion icon’s life and times.


On my part, I feel like the best way to ‘celebrate’ her contribution to the world of film fashion her contribution is through pictures – namely a few fashion folio shots and sketches. Here are some of my personal favorites:

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I also refer you to the Pinterest boards for a deeper dive into all the work she did (mainly at Paramount and Universal) over her long 50 year career.

Finally, here is the woman in her own words (talking about Audrey Hepburn non the less):


What are some of your faves? Hit me in the Comment section below.
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