Golden Globes 2014 Redux

Image © HFPA

Image © HFPA

Every year I say the same thing – I will NOT be tuning in to see celebs get stuffed on fine food and bevvies. And still, like clockwork, I find myself, hours later, bleary eyed and staring at my computer screen foraging for whatever after-party pics and BTS intel I could procure from sites I would never normally publicly declare visiting.

With that boisterous introduction, I must admit that for the most part, I quite enjoyed this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, like the actual show itself.

If there is any reason for me to tune in next, it is a credit to hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. These ladies are on it. Their jokes were simultaneously laugh out loud funny and also had a biting yet subtle undercurrent that may have washed over quite a number of people. But I am here for it. All of it.

Admittedly, I had the television intermittently on mute and would glance up when I saw someone I was interested in hearing from. Once such person was Emma Thompson, who simply stated, is a goddess who walks among us. From running across the red carpet (shoeless), the routine continued on the stage of the Beverly Hilton, courtesy of a pair of Louboutins in one hand and martini in another. Priceless.

But hey I decided to write this post, so I guess I must touch upon the awards, particularly in the film categories:

  • The highlight for me was 12 Years a Slave winning Best Motion Picture: Drama, after getting shut out in the acting and directing categories,
  • Speaking of which, the most disappointing loss for me was being Lupita Nyong’o not winning for her moving portrayal as Patsy. Not to cast aspersions on dear JLaw, her performance in American Hustle is fine (more on the movie tomorrow), but I did not think it was the equal of Lupita’s.
  • Nice to see Leo winning. Is this possibly his year to take home the bald, golden dude?
  • Leo’s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star, Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech was my favorite. He is that dude.
  • Like Cate Blanchett, still have yet to see Blue Jasmine. #YeahIAdmitIt
  • Don’t know how, but I wish that Her could of received some more recognition; but the honor IS in the nomination, right?

I have obviously left a lot of bits out, but these are the things that stick out most in my memory (credit to the aforementioned Golden Globes hangover).

Now onto you. What were your favorite moments? What (if anything) does this mean for next month’s Academy Awards ceremony?

Exactly was the Comments section is for, folks! Have at it!

Television Post Script: Tatiana Maslany needs some award for playing a whole bunch of people in Orphan Black. #JustSayin


  1. you must see Blue Jasmine! I LOVE it, one of my faves from last year. I was disappointed to see Lawrence win too, especially over Hawkins and Nyong’o.
    Candice Frederick recently posted..A Recap of Sunday’s Season Premiere Episodes of ‘Shameless” and ‘House of Lies’: V’s Surprise Announcement and Marty’s Women TroublesMy Profile

  2. Lupita Nyong’o not winning was my biggest disappointment. She was devastating in the role and really should have won this. Hopefully, the Academy can right this.
    le0pard13 recently posted..Reprise » My Only and One: Beatles For SaleMy Profile

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