ILC does #NYCC2015: A Singular Experience

Two weeks have passed and I am still processing my NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2015 experience. It was fun to be sure but definitely was “one to grow on” so to speak.


I mean look at that crowd. Quite overwhelming to say the least. And this is just the entryway.

I had individual Friday-Saturday-Sunday tickets but ultimately bailed on the last day (previous engagement). Upon reflection, you realize that is one of the ways you are “had” – not in a bad way – the time gap between ticket sales and the actual event almost requires that you purchase a multi-day pass or individual tickets for multiple days. The reasoning being (of course) that you never know what is going to happen and when. In the lead up to the actual event, NYCC planners stagger the release of information of screenings, panels and other entertainment appearances.

Also important to note, that, unlike its older sister/cousin, SDCC, there is not a whole lotta movie-related stuff going on here. This is a convention dedicated to comic enthusiasts, with a bunch of sci-fi fantasy/TV/gaming opportunities and tie ins thrown in for good measure. So set your expectations right.

My first day was spent mostly walking the convention floor to get a lay of the land. I have to say it was definitely packed but after you take it all in – it is quite fun. There are giveaways galore. Sure you will probably get home with a “swag bag” wondering why the hell you have TWO posters of the cover art for Dark Horse Comic’s Fight Club 2, remember all part of the experience.

My last day was a bit shorter. I walked the floor (rather quickly) and headed straight to my two panels. Still felt it was well worth the time spent on a lovely Saturday.

Let me close out this post with a few of pointers for any and all who are considering attending NYCC next year or in future years:

  1. GO TO PANELS – As this was my first Con and I will feeling the whole thing out, I only attended a couple of panels (there was one that I had to skip due to a travel delay) but I think this is where you get the most bang for your buck. Otherwise
  2. Speaking of panels …. for the big ones, arrive EARLY. Sure the doors officially open at 10:00AM, but if say there is an X-Files panel at 1:00PM, you may want to get there is the 7:30AM-8:00AM window to guarantee a seat. Trust me on this one.
  3. A last item about panels … the Main Stage (where the aforementioned X-Files event took place) clear out after panels, the other smaller rooms do not. So … I am not saying I did this … but you could theoretically look at the schedule (plan ahead!) and if you feel like a panel you want to attend might reach capacity, just attend a panel (or two) before and park yourself in for the day.
  4. When purchasing tickets – go for the 3 or 4 day pass. There is an economic reason for it (cheaper per day, assuming you attend all days). But it is also simply convenient. If these are not available I would definitely target Friday and Saturday next in the queue.
  5. Oh yeah did I mention PLAN AHEAD. While the meat of the event takes place in Javits Center, I noticed that there were quite a few events that took place at other venues. The panels that took place here had a decidedly TV theme to them.
  6. If you want a photo op/autographs, be sure to bring your checkbook. This is not really my thing, but the prospect is appealing to others. If you decide to forgo this one-on-one experience, you can still walk around the autograph area to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity. But hope you have a photographic memory — because photos are not allowed to be taken in the area.
  7. The signs are everywhere but as a reminder, you are not allowed to take pictures of cosplayers unless you are granted permission to do so by said cosplayer. Sounds obvious but I guess it needs to be said (they even have signs posted around the convention reminding us of this). Most of them do not mind at all; but for me, it was enough to simply sit back and watch the passing parade.
  8. Bring your walking shoes – especially if you plan to camp out for several hours or all day (not my recommendation personally), you will do a LOT of walking. Seating is scattered to say the least so you may even find yourself aimlessly wandering around the convention floor while waiting for that panel that you are dying to see.
  9. Don’t like what is on offer to eat at the Con site? Well you have bring your own food and bevvies, but know that you can venture off during the day if you are there for a spell. Your badge grants you re-entry on the convention grounds (until 8:00PM). So no worries – take a two hour break eat at your favorite Midtown (?) spot, or just chill for a bit, and come back to enjoy the fun!

So there you have it – I could try to be clever and round out this list at a “top ten,” but I am tired and still recovering from a late night last night (Blur was worth it though).

Did any of you attend NYCC, 2015 edition? Share your experiences with all!


  1. Nice synopsis/tips! I missed a bulk of the event due to an unplanned conflict of schedule, but I did attend on Sunday, which appeared to be the slow, lazy day as expected. 🙂 That stated, for better or worse, NYCC is still more for the comic book purist (which I am not; I dig the movies more) than SDCC appears to be trending. That stated, I could feel the energy and good vibes in the air. Definitely worth a trip for any fan of fantasy/sci-fi. Just for the collectibles alone, it’ll bring back childhood (of the 80’s especially) memories!
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