“Captain America Civil War”: 5 Takeaways

A little late to the party, but I have FINALLY caught the trailer for the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. In case you have been buried under a rock like me and have yet to see it, here it is!



And now for ILC’s 5 Takeaways from watching the trailer; please note this is an instant take based on viewing the trailer one time. For a detailed analysis, I defer to the plethora of sites out there who have likely taken to the painstaking task of breaking this trailer down frame by frame. So without further ado ….

1. Not so much about Cap. The interesting, perhaps awesome thing about this film from what I can tell is that while it is headlined by Captain America, with its cast of characters, this film for my money, is essentially an ensemble piece and not a standalone.


2. Black Panther. Looking pretty cool….


3. Maybe I know a little more than I wanted to honestly. A couple of frames are leaving me to speculate that I now indeed know a few more plot details than is necessary, in fact I feel slightly spoiled. I kinda hope I am wrong.

4. How hype are you for …..


5. So yeah – I have already purchased the ticket in my head ….

Marvel/Disney, take my coins.


What are your immediate thoughts?


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