Things I Like About Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Star Trek Beyond. As many readers already know, instead of providing a paint-by-numbers review, I tend to lean in on just giving my reaction to the film, with the occasional reference to a plot point or detail.

It is in that spirit that I provide the following list (in no particular order) of a few reasons why Star Trek Beyond was a great time at the multiplex for me.

Three Times a Charm! I was pleasantly surprised by the first in the rebooted film series, entertained by the second (KHAN!!!!), so I had a level set of expectations for this third installment. The result was a solidified appreciation for the franchise. Beyond was a perfect balance of drama, sentiment, high-octane action and levity. Overall a worthwhile watch on all fronts.

Episodic in the Best Meaning of the Word. For me, the series as a whole is episodic in the best meaning of the term. Although each film in the series has a thread connecting them all, each film stands alone as its own fun-filled science fiction action-adventure, with some awesome special effects to boot.

Touching Moments. I would be kidding myself if I did not admit that tragic events in the lead up to the release of Star Trek Beyond slightly affected me while I was watching the film. This and an unrelated tribute woven into the plot involving another cast member really got to me. Beyond these specific character moments, there was a strain apparent in the writing (kudos to screen scribes Simon Pegg and Doug Jung) that played up some sentimental themes such as loyalty, friendship, etc.

Plot Twist. Still not telling (spoilers) but can I say I am quite proud of myself – I was able to more or less figure out where the story was headed. It is a rare moment of movie gloat, so allow me to revel in it 🙂

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So … what was your verdict? Hit the Comments section below.

P.S. side note: I saw Star Trek Beyond in IMAX 3D – I would say the 3D portion of that is not needed. Just my honest opinion.


  1. Yes. It was a great third act in one of the better trilogies that I’ve seen. And I agree about the 3D being unnecessary. It was a very, very enjoyable film. My second favorite sci-fi movie of 2016 (behind Captain America: Civil War).

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