About Me

I love cinema and want to share my love with the world! That is why I created iluvcinema.com!

It all started innocently enough as a teen. I became addicted to AMC and TCM. I evenutally broadened my interest to the cinema of Hitchcock and the film noir genre.

Nowadays, I am willing to watch just about anything that has a semblance of a plot and narrative structure – from there I make my decision about how much I like the film. That is the one thing above all else, I have learned to love about the movies – what you like is purely subjective and open for debate and lively argument. Moreover, at the end of the day, no one is wrong. Granted there may be issues with (the lack of) standard conventions, lack of a good script, miscasting, etc. However, I can guarantee that there will always be a number of reasonably intelligent people who will buck with the conventional wisdom regarding any particular film.

I hope to use this blog, iluvcinema.com as a forum for a lively discussion regarding the world of cinema.


Over the past several years, I have had the honor to participate in a multitude of film related activities. Listed below are some of those activities, as well as some special honors and recognition.


Tribeca Film Festival (2012 – Present)

New York International Film Festival (2013)

TCM Classic Film Festival (2013, 2015)

Sundance Film Festival (2014, 2015)



Grand Jury, Beneath the Earth Film Festival (2011-Present)

Recognized by Total Film Magazine as one of the “600 Movie Blogs You Might’ve Missed”



Large Association of Movie Blogs (The L.A.M.B.)



Tribeca Film Festival

Virginia Film Festival

Westchester County Film Festival