Giveaway: IndieFlix – An Outlet for Indie Film [CLOSED]

As regular readers of this site may know, I am constantly in search of discovering new avenues for artists’ creative expression in the world of film. It is with this in mind, that I am please to introduce an opportunity for you to also explore this world via the new streaming service, IndieFlix.

Below is their mission statement:

Founded by filmmakers, IndieFlix is part champion, part curator. We’re so inspired by independent filmmakers and the work they produce, we’ve created a stellar platform for you to discover the best and quirkiest around.

But it’s still up to you to watch and poke around and discover and learn …

What’s more …

Filmmakers dedicate themselves to making movies and they deserve a cut—and that’s exactly what they get. Through our unique revenue-sharing Royalty Pool Minutes (RPM) model, filmmakers get paid for every minute watched by an IndieFlix subscriber. The more you watch, the more money they make. And more money = more movies.

200kSo as you can see this venture has a wonderful upside for both creator and consumer. With that in mind, the good folks of IndieFlix are offering my readers the chance to receive a FREE ONE-YEAR subscription to its service (valued at $49.00). To qualify for this offer, simply drop a line (or several) about your favorite independent film (past, present) in the Comments section below. I am accepting comments until November 15th at noon, at which time I will draw and announce the winner.

Even if next Friday does not prove to be a lucky day for you, you can still check out what IndieFlix has to offer by signing up for a monthly or annual streaming subscription plan, with the first 7 days for free.

So let the games begin! Share your favorite indie flick(s) with me below….


Kate Spade Gets All Cinematic and I LUV It!

I have always loved the whimsy of Kate Spade, particularly the tech accessories; in the past, I have purchased .

This time the company has totally outdone themselves with their newest cinema-inspired accessories. Here are set of my favorite from the collection:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Interested in purchasing any of these (or more)? First thing, save your money; while most of the tech accessories are reasonably priced (especially for designer gear), some other items, namely the handbags and shoes, carry heavier price tags.

You can find the items at retails outlets such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and of course,




Weekend Viewin’ Recap

This weekend saw a lot of movie-related activity on my part activity (see previous post), so I thought it right to provide a little recap for the events of the past couple of days.

NYCIFF, Night 1: As part of my coverage of this week long event, I attended my first screening, the World Premier of 10 Rules for Sleeping Around, a rather derivative ‘screwbally’ romantic comedy set in NYC (it gets props for that) whose highlight(?) for me was figuring out that at least some of what the “Brazilian Bombshell” was saying was actually Spanish.

This week, I have a few more screenings lined up; stay tuned to this space for my thoughts and reflections.

Man of Steel: The idea is that my thoughts will be posted in a separate and increasingly lengthy piece later today or early tomorrow (fingers crossed I can keep to that schedule).


Twenty Feet from Stardom: What more can I say? I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS FILM. I cannot begin to explain how well this documentary – that chronicles among other things, the evolution and career ups and downs the people (mostly women) who end vocal support to some of today’s top musical acts. At the center of the story is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (2011) Darlene Love. Born with a lead vocalist’s chops, her story is an amazing one, that by the time the closing credits roll at the end of the 90 minutes, you fully appreciate and understand why such an honor was given to perhaps one of the best known backup vocalists of her era.

Other highlights in the film included:

  • “Seeing” the voice behind the Rolling Stones classic Gimme Shelter, Merry Clayton and her story.
  • Rediscovering Lisa Fisher, former solo artist who was a backup to Luther Vandross (himself a backup artist to David Bowie on his Young Americans track).


On a side note (and a nice treat to boot) – although I did not attend the live Q&A screening at the film center, on my way into my screening, I saw Ms. Love leaving the theater.


How was your weekend at the movies? If you did not see Man of Steel, what did you see?

Happy Belated Birthday Cary!

This birthday message is coming a couple of days late but I am glad to send it out. In honor of Archie Leach’s birthday, I would like to spotlight some of my favorite performances featuring Bristol’s native son.


The no-brainers:

  • The Philadelphia Story
  • North by Northwest
  • Arsenic and Old Lace
  • His Girl Friday
  • Notorious
  • Bringing Up Baby

A few favorites that I have covered on my website:

And a few that I have yet to cover (that you may not all be totally aware of) – stay tuned for that:

  • Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
  • My Favorite Wife
  • The Awful Truth


What are some of your favorite Grant films?

Merry Christmas

No matter where you are or what you believe, take a moment to reflect and celebrate the wonders of the world.


From me to you …. Have a very Merry Christmas Day!

~ Iba @

Clips and Bits

Greetings everyone! Welcome to another edition of the (rather sporadic) Clip and Bits, where I highlight some fun bits of information I have gathered over the past week or so.


1. Another Good Read

As far a aggregators go, one of the best ones (at least a favorite of mine) in the BBC Film iPaper. I may have mentioned it before, but the layout and snippets that this bulletin follow are great. This week (of course) has LOADS of information surrounding The Dark Knight Rises, but there are also some great general reads as well. Check it out when you get a moment.



2. Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises … 

On my way home from work on Monday, I ‘stumbled upon’ the setup for the red carpet premiere of the film. Honestly I had NO clue that it was playing at on of ‘my locals,’ so it came as a pleasant surprise. Here is an iPhone snap as I did my walk-by.


3. From a Distance … a Comic-Con Recap

While I was not cool enough to partake in the festivities in sunny San Diego, I was following the proceedings on the Internets. Here is a pretty good movie recap, courtesy of E!. For my part, I wish I could have been there for The Hobbit panel – it looks quite exciting actually. One film that I am getting more curious about is The Man of Steel. The poster looks kinda cool, but there is that rather prescient fear that it will again be a case of style over substance.

Needless to say I think I am going to join the queue of fanboys and fangirls in 2013 and participate in the festivities!