Denzel Washington Birthday Poll

'Flight' Japan Premiere - Assignment For Paramount

Well, well Denzel turned 59 today. My ‘homeboy’ (we are both from the city of Mount Vernon, NY) has made quite a career for himself. As I was putting together this post in celebration of his birthday, I realized just how remarkable and lauded. I wanted to put to my readers a poll of which of his films is your favorite. Originally I wanted the list to be no longer than say, 5-6 titles, but with DOZENS of screen credits , the list ballooned to 10. And this is where I left it, even if I did want to add a few more to the poll list. So without further ado, please mark which of his movies you consider your favorite. I know, it is like being asked to pick your favorite kid, but you know you have one [wink].

Favorite Denzel Washington Film?

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It would not be fair for me to ask you about your favorite film without me putting my two cents in. And no, my selection it is not “Alley Mugger #1” from 1974’s Death Wish (Source: Internet Movie Database). I think I will go with his turn as anti-apartheid martyr Steve Biko in Cry Freedom. Why, you may ask? In this pre-megastardom role, one could tell that this was to be his trajectory. I had to watch the film in high school and what resonated with me above all else was that when he was taken out of the film, the story felt empty, hollow, flat – such was the impact of his presence and performance. A magnetic talent that is to be sure and who has entertained us ever since.

So as the poll indicates, if I left off any of your favorite films, tick “Other” and hit the Comments section and let us know what your fave Denz flick is.

What Did You Watch This Weekend? [POLL]

What did you watch this weekend (B.O. Top 10)?

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Based on what you saw, post your reaction in the Comments section.

For me this weekend was really calm. I did not see anything that stood out apart from my TV surfing. I DID manage to start to watch the 1955 French classic Les Diaboliques; unfortunately the Sandman called and I obliged his request to get a little shut-eye … can’t wait to finish it!

les diaboliques

Favorite All-Time Baseball Flick?

In honor of baseball’s Opening Day, I would like to know: What is your favorite baseball film?

Favorite All-Time Baseball Movie?

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Baseball Equipment Laying on Grass

Don’t see your favorite listed? Hit the comments section below and contribute!



Did you watch the BAFTAs Last Night?

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Opening Weekends (Poll)

Well we are a week away from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and the frenzy has already begun. A day or so ago, I went online (at the insistence of a co-attendee) to reserve my IMAX tickets and I happened to notice that the Friday night 10:25PM IMAX screening is already sold out! Luckily for me, I was getting tickets for the 7:00PM showing and sailed through the ticket purchasing process unfazed.

This got me thinking – about the euphoria surrounding such event pictures and why one insists on actions. I mean, seriously, for a film that is SUCH a cinematic event, why the rush? Of course this is a rhetorical question because as I write, I can think of a plethora of reasons people insist on seeing a film right out of the gate. But I am also left wondering is it worth all the aggravation associated with opening weekend attendance (lines outside the theater, the mad dash for seats, etc.). This is an especially painful experience in NYC, where I have attended more than my share of opening day/weekend screenings.

Well back to my answer – which is an immediate and definitive Hmm, it depends. If going with a group of people with whom this matters, then YES, I will wade my way through the masses. BUT when left to my own devices, I would have to say it is not an experience that I regularly engage in nowadays – long gone is my fervent desire to see an event film on opening weekend (likely a function of my advancing years).

So I ask you ILC readers, do you still insist on seeing blockbuster films on opening weekend?

Opening Weekends

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Monday Poll: Avengers Edition

Well we all know what this week has in store … time to ASSEMBLE!

When I went online with the prospect of purchasing my ticket, my head began to spin with the various options that lay before me.

It got me wondering, how everyone else is planning on seeing The Avengers this weekend (or next, like me); so please respond to the poll below and be sure to comment!

How do you plan on seeing "The Avengers."

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Easter Viewing Traditions (Poll)

Easter is one of those tricky days for my family and me. Growing up we would on occasion go to Easter service but not regularly (always too crowded). In addition, when it came to “Easter Dinner” (family is from the South so any holiday is basically an excuse to eat), we would typically have a big to-do at the house with all the trimmings. There was also always the laying out and filling up of the baskets, the dyeing of the eggs, etc. to keep us entertained.

In recent years however, these traditions have completely fallen at the wayside – all but one, that is. Every so often, I do find myself flipping through the channels on Easter Sunday and stopping when I see The Ten Commandments or The Sound of Music on TV (not sure about The Wizard of Oz though, that may be Thanksgiving/Christmas).

Personally I would have to say that my go-to Easter viewing traditions are the aforementioned The Sound of Music and Jesus of Nazareth. With respect to the latter, I remember being a youth and thinking that it was so epic!

So now I turn it over to you, fellow cine-philes:


What film do you traditionally watch at Easter?

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Tell Me What You Think…

Box Office Mojo is forecasting that Captain America will can top Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which it also say could see a massive drop-off in receipts in its second week.

I for one think that Harry Potter could hold strong especially on repeat viewings. Personally I am planning on seeing it again in 2D after seeing it in IMAX 3D opening weekend. However it may have to wait — if it is not too hot to go out, I will see Captain America. Also be on the lookout for my Friends With Benefits review, which I am in the finishing stages of composing.

What do you think? Enter the poll and leave your thoughts in the Comments field.


Do you agree with the Box Office Mojo prediction?

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What do You think Of the Oscar© 2011 Hosts?

With the announcement of James Franco and Anne Hathaway for next years’ Oscar ceremony, tell me what you think?

What do you think of the Franco-Hathaway Oscar© 2010 duo?

  • What are they smoking? (100%, 4 Votes)
  • Frakin' Awesome! Can't Wait! (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 4

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