Shake Your Groove Thing @ the Cinema – Fave Music From the Movies

An integral part of any movie going experience is the music that accompanies the film’s action. After the high of the wonderfully-tracked Guardians of the Galaxy, I started to think about some of my favorite soundtracks. I was certain that in digging around my site I would find a post/list. On the contrary, I was frankly quite surprised that a comprehensive post did not actually exist; sure I have alluded to some of my favorite bits of movie music from time to time, but never have I really fully fleshed it out. But no time like the present, eh?

Movie Music

On my list, you will not find much rhyme, reason or a discernible pattern as per my musical tastes, save for a slight penchant for 70’s disco. But overall, this is an eclectic mix of song and score spanning a host of genres. Good music is good music, I say. And when that music bolsters the story to be told on screen, double wow!

Also bear in mind, no particular order was considered; it was whatever came to the top of my head, with an assist of the internet in the event that I missed anything I would want to mention. At the conclusion of the post, feel free to share your faves in the comments section below.

A final note: I know there are a lot of great soundtracks out there for movies that I have not seen. To be fair, it would make no sense if (even knowing those songs) I included them on this list without seeing the completed film. In other words you will not be seeing Help, Hard Day’s Night on this list.

  1. Star Wars: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – the film is an integral part of my cinematic life, and so is the music.
  2. The Sound of Music – 45th Anniversary Edition – an important part of my youth and related school productions. I know all the words by heart and sing/hum along whenever I watch the film (which is not as often as it deserves to be watched).
  3. The Third Man (Original Score) [Bonus Track Version] – that haunting zither ….
  4. The Sting: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – great introduction to the ragtime music that fits the magnificent film to a tee.
  5. Best Of James Bond – from the Barry score to the titular songs sung by the eminent pop artists of the day, this is one where I cannot point to a singular movie but rather the collective.
  6. Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s Music From The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1988 Re-recording of 1938 Score) – the compositions of this Errol Flynn classic are as bright and boisterous as the poppy Technicolor film.
  7. Pulp Fiction – the film has not stood the test of time for me, but this soundtrack certainly has.
  8. Walt Disney’s Fantasia – introduced to this film by my dear dad, I was immediately entranced by the use of classical music and animation.
  9. Starter for Ten – a deserves-to-be-seen gem of a film with a fantastic not-to-miss soundtrack, featuring music of Kate Bush, The Cure, and The Smiths.
  10. Psycho/Vertigo – I cannot really decide between the two, but these here are examples of the Herrmann/Hitchcock partnership at their peak.
  11. Love Jones – neo-soul and jazz make for a wonderful musical mix.
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1 🙂
  13. Love & Basketball – a rhythmic musical journey through the 80’s and 90’s.
  14. High Fidelity – a movie essentially set in a record store better have a good soundtrack.
  15. Love Actually – love(ly) music is all around. Sorry, I just had to do it.
  16. Saturday Night Fever – basically a Bee Gees album. A classic.
  17. Boogie Nights – another harmonious time capsule that excellently accompanies its film.
  18. Grease – a sing along favorite of mine and I suspect many others!
  19. Muriel’s Wedding – ABBA sings the songs of Muriel’s life.

It’s the Weekend ….

tcmff_2014, turner classic film festivalAnd with that, another weekend is upon us. Unfortunately, I had to shift my schedule due to the start of a project, thereby missing out on the TCM Classic Film Festival. It may be too late this year, but if you can, I highly recommend you check it out. The films and to a greater extent, the fans are lovely and a good time is most definitely on the cards. So while you might have to wait until 2015 to head out to Los Angeles, you can still check out the goings on via Twitter by checking out the TCM Social Media Crew.

captain america: the winter soldierBut don’t cry for me too long, I am still fully booked for a weekend of moving going fun!

Saturday my anticipation leading up to the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival continues with a few more pre-festival screenings during the day Saturday. Sunday is Family Day at the cinema, where I will escort my brother and my nephew and nieces to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And maybe I will indulge one of my readers in a review of this film, eh?

How about you? What are your plans?

Tumbling ….

Well I have been online this week, but mostly hanging out in tumblr-land. So much so that I actually posted a couple of proper blog posts in that space, in addition reblogging a whole lot of lovely photographic stills (many from classic Hollywood).

I know some of you don’t venture over there, but as short as these posts were, I had a lot of fun putting them together and hope you will find them informative.

Here are the links:

What inspired these posts, you may ask yourself? Well they are topics that have interested me and that I have wanted to highlight on my site previously but simply never gotten ’round to it.

Hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas To All!


We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming …

After a brief sabbatical (feels like longer than a week), I have returned and will begin posting as soon as possible, including my complete, but much-delayed review of Pacific Rim, which, despite my contentment at viewing, has not fared as well as I would have hoped in the US box office.

Also coming soon are a couple of recommended reads, coming attractions and the like and “more than mid-year” report.

Stay tuned!


June 2013 Highlights

Here are some highlights for all things film-related in the month of June.



Much Ado About Nothing – looking forward to a Whedon treatment of one of my favorite plays written by The Bard.



Man of Steel – like I said previously this is one that I have come to anticipate.






Starring Eleanor Parker – known to me first as the “would be stepmom” to the Von Trapp children, I was happy to know that she has had a long and varied career that includes several films that I rank very highly. Here are a few of my picks for must-see TV:

  • Caged (1950) June 10th @ 8:00PM
  • The Woman in White (1948) June, 11 2013 at 09:30 AM
  • Detective Story (1951) June, 24 2013 at 08:00 PM
  • The Oscar (1966) June, 25 2013 at 09:45 AM – by all accounts a film so bad it might just be good.
  • The Man With the Golden Arm (1955) June, 24 2013 at 01:45 AM


Friday Night Spotlight: Noir Writers Really I could watch all of them but I will just list a few of particular interest to me.

  • The Maltese Falcon (1931) The first cinematic effort to bring Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade to the silver screen. (June 7th)
  • After the Thin Man (1936) (June 7th)
  • The Glass Key (1942) (June 7th)
  • They Won’t Believe Me (1947) (June 21st)
  • Murder My Sweet (1944) (June 28th)


Essentials Jr

  • The Lavender Hill Mob June 9th
  • To Kill a Mockingbird June 16th
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn June 30th



Check out MoMA’s film schedule




Not sure when it will go live, but later this month I will be recording a podcast with The LAMB. Stay tuned for details.



Let me know what you are most looking forward to in the Comments section below.


And Now Maybe Some R&R ….

…. actually, who am I kidding?

Folks it has been a busy couple of weeks for me and in the coming days I will try my best to recap (with photos) my coast to coast film festival going.

Until then I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank both the Tribeca Film Festival and the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival for each putting son some great shows!

Hope you enjoy my coverage.

Weekend Viewing

Happy Friday everyone! Now that the Academy Award nominations are out, I am certain that a whole bunch of contenders will be getting a sweet box office bounce.

I for one, plan on entering the fray this weekend by feasting a double-bill of Silver Linings Playbook and Lincoln.

SLPB copy


How about you all – what (if anything) are you planning on heading out to the theaters to see this weekend? If you are not going to catch one of the several films that are in Awards contention, how about the other films currently on release?

Decorative flourish divider

Oh and I almost forgot – The Golden Globes are on Sunday! Will you be watching? I will probably give them a pass as per usual. Although I am torn since I got love for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who will be teaming up on the hosting duties … (maybe I will catch the highlights).

fpgg2013 copy

♥ LOVE ♥

Be sure to share your comments below.


Happy New Year!


Strange Days (1995)


When Harry Met Sally (1989)


Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

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