Summary Thoughts on IT (2017)

So yeah, about IT. Well I saw it about a month ago and it is still resonating with me. In general,… [more]

Summary Thoughts on IT (2017) Summary Thoughts on IT (2017)

Times the Book Was WAY Better … A Post Brought to You Courtesy of #BookLoversDay

I would venture a guess that most lovers of cinema have a soft spot for the written word as well. I know… [more]

Times the Book Was WAY Better … A Post Brought to You Courtesy of #BookLoversDay Times the Book Was WAY Better ... A Post Brought to You Courtesy of #BookLoversDay

FEUD: Bette and Joan

Here, at the outset, I will admit to the following - I was not particularly excited at the prospect of… [more]

FEUD: Bette and Joan FEUD: Bette and Joan

July 2017 Viewing Summary

So another month has come and gone … and it was quite frankly a pretty sweet month for me at the movies. After… [more]

July 2017 Viewing Summary July 2017 Viewing Summary

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Happy Birthday to Me! A 24-Hour Movie Marathon

In honor of my birthday this month I decided to put together a dream 24-hour program schedule for myself. Here are the movies in no particular order since they are ALL fantastic! Film Title Year Released Total Running Time Empire Strikes Back 1980 124 Bend it Like … [Read More...]

The Tudors on Film

The season three finale of The Tudors aired last Sunday.  Frankly, it left me a little disappointed. Not because of the historical inaccuracies, mind you.  In fact, I fully respect the creators' decisions are made mostly for the sake of entertainment and not to inform or teach.  That is why I have … [Read More...]

On Location – San Francisco

Here is an “on location” shot from 1959's Vertigo.  It is the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum; it is one of the many locations in San Francisco where James Stewart follows Kim Novak. This film was great in capturing the spirit of San Francisco.  In fact, several tours will take you to the … [Read More...]

Programming Alert: James Stewart Birthday Tribute on TCM (5/20)

Set your DVRs! Wednesday's programming will be dedicated to some of the best work of James Stewart. Here they are! While I like most of his work, I have marked my personal favorite films with an asterisk (*).  Enjoy! 6:30am  Anatomy Of A Murder (1959) A small-town lawyer gets the case of a … [Read More...]

The Weinstein Company – Nine

Just saw the trailer for The Weinstein Company's "Nine."  What do you think? … [Read More...]

A Fan's Appreciation of Kate Winslet

During this year’s awards season, with each award bestowed upon Kate Winslet, observers were less than impressed at time with what they considered her blubbering, drama-fraught acceptance speeches. They were primarily reflecting on the Golden Globes and the Oscars.  When I watched the speeches back, … [Read More...]

On Location – Florence

I have decided to add a section called "On Location."  I will post photographs I have taken at locations from some of my favorite movies.  Some you will recognize, while others, maybe not. For my first entry, here is a shot (albeit at night) of the Piazza della Signoria in Florence from Merchant … [Read More...]

Top Bromances of all Time

This is taken directly from WENN news (via the Internet Movie Database): Butch and Sundance ... greatest bromance of all Butch & Sundance Top Bromance Poll Paul Newman and Robert Redford have topped a new Internet poll listing the top 10 Movie Bromances of all time. The pair's Butch Cassidy … [Read More...]

Movie Recommendation: My Last Five Girlfriends

The film’s premise is loosely based on Alain de Botton’s On Love (Essays in Love in the United Kingdom).  The novel is a blend of narrative and non-fiction format, in which the central character mulls over the true meaning of love and our behavior under its influence. Going one step further, the … [Read More...]

Review in Brief: "Star Trek" (2009)

After a bit of a letdown with last week's release (Wolverine), I decided to temper my expectations for the weekend's BIG release, Star Trek.  However as the day drew closer I found myself teaming with expectation.  Ever since I saw the teaser trailer in last years' Cloverfield, I was both curious … [Read More...]

Shoutout to the TCM Underground!

Over the past several months, I have found myself watching several movies from the TCM Underground that I have recorded due to their late airings.  From what I can gather, the goal of the Underground is to showcase cult films.  Previously I reviewed Two Thousand Maniacs on this blog - it was also … [Read More...]