Summary Thoughts on IT (2017)

So yeah, about IT. Well I saw it about a month ago and it is still resonating with me. In general,… [more]

Summary Thoughts on IT (2017) Summary Thoughts on IT (2017)

Times the Book Was WAY Better … A Post Brought to You Courtesy of #BookLoversDay

I would venture a guess that most lovers of cinema have a soft spot for the written word as well. I know… [more]

Times the Book Was WAY Better … A Post Brought to You Courtesy of #BookLoversDay Times the Book Was WAY Better ... A Post Brought to You Courtesy of #BookLoversDay

FEUD: Bette and Joan

Here, at the outset, I will admit to the following - I was not particularly excited at the prospect of… [more]

FEUD: Bette and Joan FEUD: Bette and Joan

July 2017 Viewing Summary

So another month has come and gone … and it was quite frankly a pretty sweet month for me at the movies. After… [more]

July 2017 Viewing Summary July 2017 Viewing Summary

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Best Movie Cameos … [Read More...]

For the Love of Blu-Ray

When high definition technology was introduced to home entertainment, I was a bit skeptical (remember BetaMax anyone?). It always seems that the one who is early in the lead is the one that ends up losing the war. Therefore, it was with the great HD (HD-DVD)/BD (Blu-Ray Disk) wars. Let me also … [Read More...]

Summertime is here! Bring on The Blockbuster (and not so big) Pictures!

Yes ladies and gents, it is that time of year again.  A time when movie studios unload their crowd pleasing big-budgeted movies. I really look forward to this time of year, especially when there are more than three (3) films I am willing to pay for.  Last year was pretty good and this year looks … [Read More...]

Happy Belated Birthday Bill Holden!

April 17th (Friday) marked William Holden's 91st birthday.  As someone who is admittedly a fan but also admitting to not seeing films such as The Wild Bunch (1969) and Network (1976) to their completion, here in no particular order are a list of what I feel are some notable Holden … [Read More...]

2000 Maniacs

I was intending to write about this movie and describing it as one of the worst films I have ever seen. Some time has passed since I first wrote the review I was hoping to transcribe today. However as a week has passed my feelings about this film have softened – especially when I did a little more … [Read More...]

Top 10 worst Irish accents on film

In the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day .... Julia Roberts and Sean Connery may have won Academy Awards, but that does not mean that they can pull off a believable Irish accent on screen. See who else made the list of worst … [Read More...]

Fright Fest – my “tales of terror.”

This past Monday night as I prepared myself to watch a replay of the new HBO series True Blood, I was watching the preceding program, Shadow of the Vampire from the year 2000.  It was my first time viewing this film about a fictionalization surrounding the filming of 1922’s Nosferatu.  Overall is … [Read More...]

A Mighty Fine Fella – An Appreciation of Paul Newman

Of course I did not know Paul Newman personally but his presence on and off screen made you feel like you had a personal connection to him. When I was on my train Saturday morning and my dad called me to tell me the news, my heart sank. I felt like someone a friend was gone from my life. … [Read More...]

Tuesday Evening Quarterback: The 2008 Oscars

Well it is official - these Oscars were the lowest rated (in the United States anyway) since the new ratings system was put in place in 1974. This is according to an article on the BBC. I have a few theories in no particular order: 1.     Ambivalence due to the just recent writer's strike 2.     The … [Read More...]

DVD Release: The Lady Vanishes on Criterion Collection The Criterion Collection is releasing a new master of this Hitchcock classic in a special two-disk set. I already own the original Criterion disk and am almost tempted to get this one to see the special features it had to offer. This is definitely one … [Read More...]

Beyond the Gates (USA rel. 2007, dir. Michael Caton-Jones)

    Background For the record, I saw this film under the UK-release titled Shooting Dogs1, and I saw it before I saw Hotel Rwanda. Actually that would have been a better basis for me to review the film on but for better or worse, since then I have actually seen Hotel Rwanda and … [Read More...]