FEUD: Bette and Joan

Here, at the outset, I will admit to the following - I was not particularly excited at the prospect of… [more]

FEUD: Bette and Joan FEUD: Bette and Joan

Commentary on Deadline Article on “Moonlight”

Yesterday, an ILC reader brought something to my attention that amazed and excited me in equal measure.… [more]

Commentary on Deadline Article on “Moonlight” Commentary on Deadline Article on "Moonlight"

Umberto D. (1952): A Lovely Introduction to Italian Neorealism

Something washed over me when I was watching Umberto D., the 1952 classic Italian neorealist film directed… [more]

Umberto D. (1952): A Lovely Introduction to Italian Neorealism Umberto D. (1952): A Lovely Introduction to Italian Neorealism

Summary Thoughts on “Logan” (2017)

This has taken way, way too long to make its way to my blog.  But it is here now so let’s have at… [more]

Summary Thoughts on “Logan” (2017) Summary Thoughts on "Logan" (2017)

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A Mighty Fine Fella – An Appreciation of Paul Newman

Of course I did not know Paul Newman personally but his presence on and off screen made you feel like you had a personal connection to him. When I was on my train Saturday morning and my dad called me to tell me the news, my heart sank. I felt like someone a friend was gone from my life. … [Read More...]

Tuesday Evening Quarterback: The 2008 Oscars

Well it is official - these Oscars were the lowest rated (in the United States anyway) since the new ratings system was put in place in 1974. This is according to an article on the BBC. I have a few theories in no particular order: 1.     Ambivalence due to the just recent writer's strike 2.     The … [Read More...]

DVD Release: The Lady Vanishes on Criterion Collection

http://www.criterion.com/asp/release.asp?id=3 The Criterion Collection is releasing a new master of this Hitchcock classic in a special two-disk set. I already own the original Criterion disk and am almost tempted to get this one to see the special features it had to offer. This is definitely one … [Read More...]

Beyond the Gates (USA rel. 2007, dir. Michael Caton-Jones)

    Background For the record, I saw this film under the UK-release titled Shooting Dogs1, and I saw it before I saw Hotel Rwanda. Actually that would have been a better basis for me to review the film on but for better or worse, since then I have actually seen Hotel Rwanda and … [Read More...]

DVD Pick: Children of Men

Actually this is a movie pick - it is currently on a loop on cable television. But I recommend a DVD purchase for posterity. Introduction Admittedly the movie that I was anticipating view when I saw it in January is not the film I experience after I left the theater nearly two hours … [Read More...]

Great Movie Resources

I have decided as my first post to provide a link of some of the internet sites I found to be the most helpful and useful in my expolration of all things cinematic (in no particular order). Film Reviews: http://www.rottentomatoes.com - a great site for concensus film … [Read More...]