The Underground on Film

Last night, I dreamt I was in London again …

Actually I was talking about traveling with a friend of mine and started to reminisce about my lovely times in Londontown. That led me to this topic – a look at the London Underground from the world of cinema.

The Tube/The Underground – whatever you call it (just don’t call it a SUBWAY), is an attraction unto itself for visitors to the English capital city. It has also been the setting for many an interesting films and pivotal scenes in those films. Here is a cool map that conveys this very message. For a larger view of the map, click here.

underrgound film map

In my continued admiration for the U.K. capital city and in honor of  the 150th anniversary of the London Underground system, I have gathered a few of my favorite cinematic scenes from The Underground:


THE WINGS OF THE DOVE (1997): couldn’t find the actual clip but there is a snippet of the scene in the trailer. If you do happen to watch the pivotal scene starts with the opening title sequence.




SLIDING DOORS (1998): this sequence sets the stage for the rest of the film


ATONEMENT (2007): this is just the trailer; if I showed you the scene, it would give away a major plot point.


SKYFALL (2012): What’s NOT to like? This clip is the culmination of a great underground chase sequence, mind you – but I decided to add it anyway because it DOES include an Underground train 🙂

In related news, earlier this year, the BFI (British Film Institute) took a retrospective look at some great (British-made) films that featured the underground system .

Let me conclude my post by sharing another take on the London Transport system as depicted in the cinema, courtesy of fellow blogger and Anglophile – Ruth @ Flixchatter!


For MORE Tube-related Trivia …

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