New York Film Festival 2011 – It’s a Wrap!

Today marks the last day of the New York Film Festival. Unfortunately this year I was unable to attend. And boy am I gutted over this … there were a quite a number of films that I was looking forward to seeing.

With that in mind, I have decided to gather a few articles, features, etc. from the internets to provide a ‘sight unseen summary’ of sorts of what were (or could have been) a few of my highlights of the goings over the past couple of weeks:

Next year will mark the 50TH ANNIVERSARY of the festival so I will every effort to attend and report os to the goings on ….

Best Picture Noms, 2011

The Guardian (UK) newspaper is featuring a great series on their website, “Best picture Oscar hustings” in which each feature describes the reason why that specific nominee deserves the golden statue.

I like this feature because it kind of proves what many, including myself, have said for a long time – so many pictures are worthy to be considered “best pictures” for a variety of reasons. In the end this is purely a subjective judgement which is nothing else, initiates a great debate and discussion but in no way should be seen as an absolute or authoritative declaration.

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your support in 2010. Here’s to a fun and exciting film conversation in 2011!

~i luv cinemaHappy New Year!