ILC’s 2012 in Review

2012_13Well, as I started to write this post here on the Eastern Coast of these United States, there were exactly 12 hours left in the year of our Lord, 2012.

In the world of cinema, much reflection brought allowed me to relive some great memories. As you may know, I try to the best of my ability to refrain from maintaining “best of” lists, so, I will instead  highlight some of my best (and worst) movie-going moments in 2012.


Things Done

I took a moment to reflect on all of the films that I have seen in 2012. Boy, it did not feel like that many but it was quite a list. Of course there were a whole lot more I could have gotten through. In this section I will look back on some of the bright points for me:

  • Farewell My Queen – lush, absolutely stunning piece of French cinema
  • Wuthering Heights – a new take on a beloved literary classic. Oh yeah Andrea Arnold is awesome!
  • My coverage of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival !!!!
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild – a touching emotionally evocative that was worth much (maybe not all) the praise heaved upon it.
  • The Avengers – a pure rock ’em sock ’em ride of joy! Cannot believe I did not do a write-up on this one – oops!
  • The Dark Knight Rises – a very satisfying conclusion to an epic franchise.
  • Skyfall – in my estimation, BEST BOND film and song. Period.


There were also a couple of surprises (good and bad):

  • Hitchcock – As a major fan, I was a little disappointed with the end result
  • Fast Girls – in an Olympic year, this was a cute British indie flick that really should have gotten more notice on this side of the pond.
  • Think Like a Man – In the game of managed expectations, this film may have been a great beneficiary. It was entertaining with quite a few funny moments.
  • Prometheus – So much promise, not quite the delivery I expected. But in the end, another showcase for personal favorite Michael Fassbender. On a side note, I had the honor of being on The LAMBcast for this one! Hopefully this is the first of many.



Some Things New (but old) …

In my all-time “must see” list, I knocked off a few notable titles (Annie HallMetropolis, and City Lights). I am certainly glad I did (especially City Lights and Annie Hall).



And lastly, Things Left Undone …

For all the fun I had at the cinema, there were so many films that I did not get the opportunity to catch. Most recently there was my 6 before the end of 2012 challenge that was an epic FAIL on my part. Maybe I will be done with the films on the list before the awards season. Then there are all those films that in my Netflix queue, DVR list and my iTunes rental list.

Pitch Perfect


I would like to close with a big THANK YOU to all of my readers and those whose contributions have continued to make this experience such a worthwhile for me. Thanks Guys!film 2012 marquee