A (VERY) Late Mid Year Review of 2014 in Film

Honestly, when I started to think about this post, my initial thought was – Geez, this year has been rather “meh” film wise. The focus on the “event” film, or the 3D or just the blockbuster in general, left me feeling fatigued, so much so that I even missed the chance to see several of my favorite actors in the early summer release X-Men: Days of Future Past (MORE on that in general during my Guardians of the Galaxy review this Sunday/Monday — stay tuned).

2014 Mid Term

Try as I might I could not muster the will to drag myself to the local cinema and catch this one.

Or maybe it was the fading afterglow of having attended my first ever Sundance Film Festival. Yeah, I’ll buy that. 🙂

But actually after much thought I realized that actually, the period from January-June did offer up some cinematic delights, at least enough to allow give me a Top 5 list for 2014 … so far. And without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

  • The One I Love – review pending (spoilers and stuff).
  • Boyhood – the one that almost got away, and so glad it didn’t.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier – one of the better formed comic book adapts for a minute.
  • Belle – being hailed as a Jane Austen/Regency/Georgian piece with depth, I think it is more (and different) than that label.
  • When the Garden was Eden – “My” New York Knicks in their glory days.
  • Honorable Mention to The Only Lovers Left Alive – a film whose experience was punctuated by my attending a midnight screening during Sundance. Also a film where I have warmed to it a lot more post-screening.

So what do I think the future holds? Stayed tuned later today for what I am looking forward to in this latter half of the cinematic calendar.

P.S. Thoughts? Hit the Comments section below.

In With the New (2014 Preview)

A couple of days ago I reflected on the year that passed in the world of cinema. As we usher in the new year, I wanted to take a moment to look ahead and see what lies out there on the horizon for cinephiles in 2014.

After scouring numerous of resources for Coming Attractions: 2014 Edition, I have come up with three films that I am really looking forward to seeing. As the year wears on and I attend festivals, etc., I am certain I will get a better sense of the buzz circulating around certain “must see” motion pictures. But until then, here are my early picks.

Interstellar It’s Christopher Nolan and science fiction. So yeah I will be seeing it on the big screen. Absolutely for certain.


X-MEN: Days of the Future Past It’s all about seeing what they are doing with this trippy, ‘timey-whimey’ business. Again HERE FOR IT


Muppets Most Wanted Just to change it up a little; besides I saw Hiddleston in the trailer. That’s good.


What am I missing? Comments. Below. And have a wonderful 2014 (at the movies), folks!!!