Oscar® Noms Announced! (My Reaction)

Here are a couple of observation about the Oscar® nominations, which were announced earlier this morning:

  1. Regarding ‘Snubs.’ I think contrary to what I might have initially felt about the year overall, this was a very strong year in terms of quality motion pictures produced. In other words, I do not think that any of the nominations are necessarily undeserving but rather there are so many people and films that could have received a nod. Some that come immediately to mind are Her (Joaquin Phoenix’s performance), The Butler, Inside Llewellyn Davis, Fruitvale Station, Saving Mr. Banks – the list can go on, thus proving my point.
  2. One Snub That Stands Out for Me. Pacific Rim Sound / Visual Effects. Maybe they will get a few Sci/Tech Awards.
  3. Favorite Nominations? It’s a tie: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa for Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling (just because) and Before Midnight for Best Adapted Screenplay.
  4. I Feel Kinda Bad … I have not seen ANY of the Best Films not in the English Language. Must be rectified in future.
  5. Who Do I Think Will Win? I never predict these types of things. I usually get it wrong. I just sit back and watch all of the events unfold.
  6. Lastly … I have a lot of ‘homework’ to do before Sunday, March 2nd.

Share your thoughts below …

oscar 2014 screen cap