This Year So Far

We are headed to the final quarter of this year and I decided to take stock of some of best bits from my blog in 2010. I went through everything starting with January and realized that I did see a lot of films but not as many as I saw in 2009.

My evidence of seeing the V&A exhibit

My first viewing in 2010 was the underwhelming Nine. By the end of January, it picked up pace with weekend back to back viewings of A Single Man and Fish Tank; the main highlight of the latter film had to be seeing Andrea Arnold (director) and Michael Fassbender (one of the leads) in person at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The spring did not offer too much in cinema pleasure but I did enter the summer blockbuster season watching Iron Man 2 (which I liked but did not review) – I was too busy preparing for my trip abroad, which included a very exciting trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the fashion exhibit of Grace Kelly. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs at the exhibit I guess you will have to take my word for it 🙂

After some time away to reflect on my recent loss, I shifted back into movie-going mode with viewings of the Sex and the City 2, the A-Team and Inception. I am still wowed by what I saw (Inception). A-Team definitely met my expectations for a summer action flick and Sex and the City – well after seeing it, definitely does not make my list of Great Girlfriend Flicks.

So, what does the final quarter of 2010 hold?

Stay tuned here and find out.