Tuesday’s Overlooked Film: A Single Girl (La Fille Seule)

This week I have selected another film from the year 1995 from France; it is a film that some of you may know about but I think that it is still worth mentioning. It is La Fille Seule (A Single Girl). The film was directed by Benoit Jacquot and starred Virginie Ledoyen in a role that brought her some attention in Hollywood. Most of the English-speaking public may recognize her from the Danny Boyle-helmed Leonardo DiCaprio-starring The Beach.

A Single Girl takes place over the span of one day in the life of a young Parisian woman as she deals with two life-altering events – her first day of work and her discovery that she is pregnant. The film is shot in “real-time” and in the style of French New Wave (source: Wikipedia).

The movie is a well-paced 90 minutes and kept me constantly engaged. I remember watching this for the first time on late-night cable and made it a point to catch it in its entirety on a repeat viewing.