Oh Well, a Week Seems Like too Long …

… to be away from my blog!

Well the past few weeks have been rather busy indeed.

Originally, the plan was to get all of these wonderful cinematic events posted in rapid-fire style. The mind was willin but the body went into shut-down mode and was like “nah, you need some rest.”

So after a few days of some R&R (and still recovering) I hope to get back on track in the coming days with my posts on:

  • A roundup of my experience at Tribeca 2013 (Check out my Day One TFF Coverage on the LAMB – thanks Shala!)
  • My coverage of the closing events of the Columbia University Film Festival.
  • Profile of opening weekend at Rooftop Films; including a review of Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig’s latest, Frances Ha)
  • Additional Reviews of The English Teacher, State 194, Star Trek Into Darkness, 42 and The Great Gatsby

Stay tuned for some super-sized fun!