Clute and Edwards

film reelI am a huge fan of film noir in search of a podcast that discussed many of my favorite films. A few years ago I stumbled upon a podcast (Clute and EdwardsOut of the Past: Investigating Film Noir). The two professors offer a great academic exercise in looking at the genre. I my not always pick up or agree with some of their more refined points, but I highly value the perspective they offer to those of us who like to independently study films.

Based on the archives, it seems that they have taken a little of a break, but according to their website, we have their assurances that they will start regularly podcasting again.

What makes the study of film noir so fascinating and as I have mentioned in my film review of Where the Sidewalk Ends, a central element to discussing a film which is classified as a film noir, is how we define the genre itself.

I recommend that everyone who loves film, take a moment to explore this genre a little more. As a primer, take a look at the following sites: