Home Viewing – Thor: The Dark World (2013)

First things first – I admit, I have yet to see any of the Thor films at the cinema. No real explanation, it just is. When I do eventually catch them, however, I must admit that I quite enjoy them; Tony Stark sums up perfectly my sentiments in this clip:

I think because of the world (that of Nordic gods) they inhabit, reaching overtly theatrical heights is no major surprise. It is a tone set in motion by “Shakespearean auteur” Kenneth Branagh in the first Thor feature. In Thor: The Dark World, we are again thrust into both worlds (Earth and Asgard).

I will spare a detailed run down of the film’s events, but just know that there is a lot of plot and subplot going on.

In the end I have to admit, I was satisfactorily entertained. It is clear that the actors are comfortable with each other, as exhibited in their banter and exchange of dialogue. This rapport brings a levity that makes this comic book adaptation all the more enjoyable.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, my enjoyment of Thor has something to do with the fact that as a ‘standalone’ franchise in the larger Marvel MCU, I had set the bar of expectation pretty low. And I don’t mean it as slight. The ingredients for a well made motion picture are there: the high theater (that straddles the line of  camp) combined with very capable talent yield positive results.

For me, the standout performance is Tom Hiddleston as the ‘villain’ Loki; there is another diabolical villain in the form of Christopher Eccleston – he’s quite fine too – but I digress. Serious when he needs to be and mischievous and plotting all other times, Hiddleston seems to be having a wonderful time in the role. And that makes US have a good time, too. It will be sad that we will not be seeing him for a while. At least that frees up the actor to entertain us in other films.

In the end, does this mean I will be seeing the third installment in the theaters? I have no idea at this point; but I am confident that regardless of the platform I choose to consume it in, Thor 3 will be a film to watch.

My rating: ILC heartILC heartILC heartILC heart halfish out of five hearts.