Tuesday’s Overlooked Film: Strange Days


Strange Days is quite possibly one of my favorite movies of the mid-late 1990s. This is easily one of my favorite futuristic/sci-fi films.

Based on a story by James Cameron, the central premise revolves involves squid discs – a contraband technology that allow people to live the lives of others or to relive memories from their own lives. This technology is a main device through which the plot unwinds.

On an emotional level we see our protagonists deal with their pasts, pasts that obviously are affecting them in the here and now, as the city of Los angeles is on the precipice of a new millennium. This is also played against the backdrop of There are a  political subtext (involving police brutality/murder).

Directed by the awesome, Academy-Award Winning Kathryn Bigelow this is sort of a huge deal – an action-packed sci-fi motion picture directed by a woman.

That can account for the reason that the women characters, particularly the role of Juliette Lewis is troubled and far from perfect – she is a well-rounded person.

Granted the the climatic scene featuring Angela Bassett and the police officers is a bit OTT for some, it is still a well executed story.

And I have not even mentioned Ralph Fiennes yet – he definitely has the schlubby down on his luck (and life) persona captured. I can even forgive his slightly dodgy American accent.