Ten Reasons I Will NOT Be Viewing the Golden Globes This Evening

Without fanfare, here is my list (in no particular order):

  1. Awards shows are not so much awards shows as they are now fashion shows – and this is coming from someone who subscribes to InStyle magazine and loves it! I do not need to see a fashion parade in prime time, however.
  2. It’s boring – by boring I mean that it takes so long to get to the categories that you might care about.
  3. The sillinest surrounding the nominations of the Tourist, Burlesque and the absence of other performances, leaves me feeling kind of “blech.”
  4. If I am so bothered, I can read the winners’ list tomorrow morning.
  5. Part 2 of Downton Abbey is airing on PBS tonight.
  6. As strange at it sounds, I feel quite odd watching what someone judges at the “Best ….” when I have not even seen all the nominated movies/shows/performances.
  7. Commercial interruption – not a fan of commercials at all; most of what I watch nowadays is on video disk, Netflix of courtesy of DVR where I can advance through the commercials.
  8. I am sensitive to seeing people’s reactions to being skewered and poked fun at – with Ricky Gervais as host this is an absolute guarantee!
  9. No real vested interest in seeing a particular performer win – well actually I do. Rooting for Colin Firth and Idris Elba. But it kind of goes to my point you (dis)like who or what you choose and whether someone wins an award or not will not change that idea at all.
  10. Yes this awards season but it is also Aussie Open time! So I am in more Grand Slam tennis mode (at least for the next fortnight).

For those who will be watching, enjoy!